Bobby siddles up to Kwame in their matching beige jackets. Goes back to his seat when sidebar disbands.

Judge allows government to admit evidence against Rataj's objection.

Looking at mayor's calendar for Tuesday, April 23 2002. Meeting listed with Soave.

1368 started and Ferguson worked with Kathleen McCann who oversaw the project. McCann would talk to Soave about her dealings with Bobby.

Sidebar over defense objection of hearsay. Judge has ruled that statements elicited by Bullotta are admissible. Tells jury not offered as truth of what was said but for witness's state of mind.

Soave said McCann was always having issues with Bobby over one thing or another. "He's a handful," she would tell Soave.

Ferguson would say "You realize you are here because of me." Soave says it didn't make him feel good. It was like a threat.

Ferguson would say "You don't get it. You realize you're here because of me." Soave says he took it to mean you better get along with me or there might be consequences. "People understand that very well," says Soave.

Soave said he had a lot of problems handling Ferguson one way or another.

McCann would complain to Soave all the time about her meetings with Ferguson because they were not fun for her. He was asking for things all the time and there were having problems getting him to do things.

Soave said a couple of times he mentioned to the former mayor "Is Bobby Ferguson still your guy?" And he said "Yes he's still my guy."

Soave said it was unusual for a sub-contractor to talk to them the way Ferguson was.

At some point, soave learned that Bobby wanted to become a partner with Inland. McCann said that they next time Inland got a contract, he wanted to partner or get 50-50.

"I told her you can tell him to go eff himself." says soave about the proposed partnership.

Soave sold his shares of Inland somewhere around 2005. Inland went on to do other contracts with Ferguson but Soave owned only 20% at that point.

Soave Enterprises made contributions to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

August 3rd 2004 check to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund for $75,000.

Another check from Soave Enterprises to KCF  on November 6th 2006 for $50,000.

A third check on April 15th 2008 for $50,000 to KCF. So that's a total of $175,000 contributed by soave to KCF.

Soave says he owns three private planes including a turbo commander and a Falcon 25. The planes seat between 8 to 10 each.

In August 2003, there was a blackout in the midwest and Soave offered Kwame a private jet to pick him up. The plane couldn't get out so they couldn't get him. Soave thinks Kwame was in the Bahamas. Soave thinks Derrick Miller called for the plane to pick Kwame up. but the pilot couldn't get clearance to get out of the airport.

Somehow Kwame got back to Degtroit but then wanted to go back to Bahamas where his family still was. so Soave flew him out.

Soave thinks he provided Kwame with about 20 round trips on his private planes.

Bullotta hands chart prepared by Soave Enterprises. Looking at it on overhead. Departure date August 16th 2003 from Detroit to Nassau, Bahamas. Document says drop off 1 passenger. Approximate flight time 2.6 hours on the Falcon. Retail value cost of such a flight is $3,300 per hour.

Same day pilot flew back to Detroit. On August 21st 2003 there was a pick up.