Harold Gurewitz, Kwame defense lawyer, makes his voice heard for first time as he objects to line of questionning.

On August 21st 2003, 6 people picked up from Nassau in the Falcon.

There were flights from Detroit to Mackinaw, Hamptons, Boston, Houston, Greensboro, Cleveland and Norfolk, VA all involving Kwame Kilpatrick.

On August 2nd 2006 the plane went to Bermuda. 9 people were flown.

Additional flights to Miami, Tallahassee, Chicago, Nassau, West Palm Beach, Naples. total number of flight  hours is 135.7 and $389,874 was retail cost of all the flights.

Soave said he knew about the flights and approved of most of them.

Soave said at one time he brought up to Kilpatrick that he should be billing some of them. soave says that Kwame told him he would look into it. Also taked to Christine Beatty about paying for it.

Soave said he was growing concerned. There were a few like the black out or when he went to one of Soave's projects in virginia wer understandable but some that were purely for the family. Soave said he wasn't on most of the trips, maybe 3 or 4 of them.

Soave said he let Kwame keeping using the jet "Because he's the mahyor. Hard to turn the mayor down. I didn't want to get on the wrong side of him."

"I didn't want him to hold another job up", says Soave. Says he had that on his mind.

Thinks he took Kwame twice to NYC on Christmas shopping trip.

Soave said he paid taxes on the flights out of pocket.

Soave said he went on NYC trips. Soave says he doesn't remember who else went but maybe Christine Beatty and a bodyguard. they had dinner and went shopping in NYC. Soave said he paid for a pair of shoes ($800), purse ($1,200) and $6,000 Cartier watch for Bernard. Soave says he doesn't know why he paid for the items.

12:49PM Bullotta directing to time frame of April 2007. soave was at his vacation home in Naples. Soave was exercising at the Ritz Carlton when he got a call from Kwame Kilpatrick. Kwame said he wanted to come dow, couldn't get any rooms and needed help to get some rooms. The trainer in the exercise room helped to get 2 rooms for the mayor. Soave gave him some money for it could have been $3,000 or $3,500, Soave a little confused about the amounts.

Kwame and family went to stay at the Ritz Carlton.

Looking at Ritz Carlton invoice for Kwame Kilpatrick, lists Soave Enterprises arrived April 7 2007 and departure April 12th. $2,000 paid in cash and then another cash credit for $4,000. Soave doesn't know who paid the second cash credit. The Ritz charges $1,499.00 a night. Kwame got 2 rooms.

Total bill was for more than $9,000. Soave said he paid partly with check and credit card.

In 2004, soave provided Kwame with tickets to the Pistons NBA finals. The seats were on the floor. "They were great seats," says Soave. Soave paid $10,000 for the 2 tickets.

At no point did Kwame offer to reimburse for flights, Ritz stay or items purchased in NYC.

12:56PM Bullotta says he is done with witness. Judge calls end of court session.

Defense will take up cross-examination of Soave tomorrow morning at 9AM.

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