Kado never told Beeckman that he ever gave any money to Kwame after he left office.

Beeckman says that Kado would continue conversations with Bernard after meeting with government. Kado said that he was still owed money by the city and he would use Bernard to help him.

Beeckman says the goal of the wire taps. Had Kado reach out to Bernard about the money owed him? Beeckman asked Kado to bring up a certain number of things in the conversations. Beeckman says he was trying to corroborate things that Kado had previously told him.

One of the things Kado told him about was $100,000 payoff to Bernard.

Judge says we don't need Mr. Beeckman to bolster Kado's testimony. This is exactly what the government is trying to do.

9:50AM Jim Thomas cross-examines Beeckman.

Thomas talking about exculpatory materials for the defense. It is a rule of all criminal proceedings that all such material must be turned over to the defense. Could undermine the credibility of a witness or impeach him.

Thomas says you recognized this a potentially exculpatory. Yes says Beeckman.

Because it calls into question his abilitiy to recall. Getting lost? Beeckman says I don't think he said getting lost. He was having problems remembering things.

Thomas says nothing he (Kado) said was false or misleading? Beeckman says not to me.

Beeckman says if someone is incorrect on a detail I don't see that as false or misleading.

Thomas approaches with agreement with Karl from February 22nd 2006 and hands it to Beeckman.

Thomas asks if Beeckman has reviewed it. Yes says Beeckman.

Did Kado review this shortly after it was generated? Beeckman says he has reviewed it at some point in the process.

Thomas says you recognize phone call from the mayor and phone call from Kwame not in office? Yes says Beeckman.

You recognize its a different thing to ask for $10,000 or to call and ask for money for his mayoral bid? Yes says Beeckman.

When you talked to him he gave you information that was inconsistent with Kwame being in office at the debate? Yes.

Because he said it was right after debate in Cobo in October 2001? Yes.

And Kwame doesn't take office until January 2002? Yes.

Did Kado not tell you that Kwame called him and asked him to support his mayoral bid? Isn't that what he told you in 2006? Yes.

You are a federal agent, we have handled many cases together, you take accurate notes? Yes I'm sure they are says Beeckman.

And he told you that he handed the money in an envelope not in a brown paper bag? Yes.

Thomas refers back to communication between mayor and Meagan Pitts on January 14th 2004 stating that Karl Kado just called him.

Timing of this text message is around the auto show, Thomas points out. Karl Kado was exclusive contractor on electrical and cleaning. Thomas making the point that it wouldn't be unusual for the mayor to be communicating with Kado.

Beeckman says he doesn't think it's unusual that the mayor would care about cleanliness. But that he would take it upon himself, instead of leaving it to others below him, is unusual.