And at no point does he tell you about $80,000 tab? Yes. 

The first you heard of it was during the recorded conversation? No. 

And this wasn't something that you asked him to corroborate? No. 

Shea says Kado is talking about just one time he covered a lotto ticket? Beeckman says I don't think that's right. He talked about a single amount of money to cover it. 

Beeckman says for him to be able to cover an $80,000 tab he would be having to float it every week and I don't think that's right. 

Beeckman says there is a significant different of time. the 20,000 in 2006 and the 80K is in 2008.

But you are shaking him upside down? Beeckman says I don't think I'm shaking him upside down.

Beeckman says the way you are saying I am shaking him upside down implies that I am grilling him and it's just not like that. 

At no point is he telling you that he is continue to give his brother money to cover Bernard's lotto tab? True says Beeckman. 

You had a lengthy ingterview with Kado in February 22nd 2006? True says Beeckman. 

More than just you and Kado at this meeting? True. 

Somebody would have explained generally why he received target letter? Beeckman hesiattes but agrees. 

At some point in that meeting someone obtained Kado's cooperation signature on a document? Yes says Beeckman. 

It is standard to ask someone if they have had prior discussions about the case? Beeckman says that could be a topic yes. It depends on the case. I do mostly white collar stuff. 

Isn't it true at neither February 22nd and March interview that Kado didn't tell you about Kado's meeting with Bernard in 2005? Yes it's true says Beeckman.

You met with Kado on October 27th 2012? Yes says Beeckman. 

At that time you asked him about September 2005 with Bernard? Yes. 

Is it first time you had the discussion with him? Me personally, yes.

And the pat down detail he added 6 weeks ago? Yes says Beeckman. 

All you can glean from the text messages is that it was between Derrick Miller and Bernard and solme sort of message? Yes. 

Doesn't tell you who he was meeting with or what efforts he was making on the contract? Right says Beeckman. 

Those text messages range from April 2002, January 2003 and February 2003? Yes says Beeckman. 

But you know that Mr. Kilpatrick exchanged texts about Kado even after that? I'm sure yes says Beeckman. 

Shea offering next texts into evidence. 

Between Bernard and Miller 8 months after last one from government on August 13th 2003.