Bernard is trying to arrange meeting between him, Miller and Kado. Indicates they all have a relationship at this point. 

Now looking at follow up text exchange on August 18th 2003. Bernard is prodding Derrick Miller to catch up with Karl.

10:27AM You didn't think it was illegal that Kado was seeking to be paid by the city?

Beeckman agrees.

February 4th 2008 phone call at 12:21pm. This is call between Kwame and Bernard that was intercepted by the FBI. Kwame says there is no way we are paying him (Kado) for all that stuff. There is about 180k of legitimate charges. 

Bernard says he told Kado that the structural stuff would be a problem.

Shea says it is a follow up to the DAH reimbursement? Yes.

And Kwame is saying that they owe him some money but not all of it? Yes.

Who is Medina Noor? She is with building safety.

Playing more of the recorded conversation. Kwame says they have sent back no already. Says they definitely owe him between $180,000 and $200,000. Kwame says Medina has notes that they want to pay him but he want $1 million and there is no way they are going to pay him that. so Bernard says Kado can call Medina to get it straight. Medina is on top of it says Kwame. It might be right at $200,000 says Kwame but no way is it $1 million.

The rest of the call is personal says Shea.

Kado was owed money on DAH building and electrical and cleaning contracts? Right.

But all we are discussing in the recorded call is DAH? Right.

On one side of it is Bernard and Karl Kado and on the other side Kwame and the city of Detroit? Right says Beeckman.

Shea says he is done. Judge Edmunds calls for a 20 minute break

10:56AM Break about to end. Nothing too interesting to report on first floor snack shop activities today except that Kwame had Jim Thomas buy his pack of hard boiled eggs for him.

Judge Edmunds tells jury that if they are not getting a transcript, it's because not everything recorded is transcribed.

10:59AM Bullotta redirects Beeckman.

Looking at transcript of the last call we listened to Between Kame and Bernard. Kwame says "We owe know...oh, we have not met our obligation with them..."

Bullotta asks if they directed Kado to agree to pay Bernard? Yes says Beeckman.

On March 1st 2008 did you give Kado a different direction? Yes says Beeckman. Said to tell him that it was Kado's money and that he shouldn't have to pay. did it to see what Bernard would say.

Transcript from March 1st 2008 converstaion:Kado "But the point is the 1%. It's very hard to do." Bernard: "But you don't want to pay me?"

Bernard "Shit this would be so far back on the table.... it would take 2 years..."

Bullotta mentions parking lot conversation where Kilpatrick offered 10 more years on contract if he didn't cooperate with the government.

Parking lot conversation is referenced in breakfast meeting recording: "When you told me to stay here 10 years.... I said no I'm leaving..."