Beeckman says he was asked about instances where Kado may have provided falso info or lied. Beeckman said there were times were he said different things than in different interviews but couldn't determine that he was lying.

11:06AM Thomas re cross-examines.

Thomas says you are not taking back what you said under my cross-examination? Correct I am not taking it badk.

You are aware that Kwame was investigated by Kym Worthy in 2008? Yes.

During the Kilpatrick administration Kado didn't get paid? No.

Has he been paid under any other administration? No.

Beeckman says there seemed to be a willingness by Kilpatrick's administartion to give him $200,000.

11:09AM John Shea re cross-examines.

Shea goes back to the Kwame and Bernard conversation. Isn't it true that Kwame says "but that what we want with him is a settle figure." Doesn't it seem that they are ready to pay Kado but need a settlement figure to get it tied up? Yes.

11:10AM Bullotta redirects. Wasn't there a case pending aabout a corrupted contract. yes.

11:11AM Bullotta calls back IRS special agent Rowena Schuch.

Schuch looked at Maestro and personal bank records for Bernard. Never saw any checks from Kado or any of his organizations.

Schuch looked for cash deposits. There were some mainly in his personal accounts. In the $300,000 range when Kwame was mayor.

Bullotta hands a chart to Schuch that she prepared. Came up with total cash being deposited into Bernard's accounts.

A summary of all of the cash being deposited into Bernard's account. Total cash deposited is $605,055.

In 2002 it was $118,810,

2003 it's $140,240,

2004 its $123,700,

2005 it's $88,300,

2006 it's 59,905,

2007 it's $50,200 and in 

2008 it's $23,900


Looking at checks deposited by Archie Clark's company National Media Inc. into Maestro, Bernard's company.

January 4th, 2008 from National Media Inc to Maestro for $15,000. signed by Archie Clark. Kado had