Another check for 15k on April 1st 2008 from Archie Clark's company.

Another check on April 10th 2008 from National Media for $15,000. Again, signed by Archie Clark.

Schuch says there we more checks.

Looking at a summary of all checks deposited by National Media into Maestro account. From December 5th 2006 to July 3 2008. Total amount is $134,000 deposited into Maestro's account at Comerica Bank.

11:21AM John Shea cross-examines Schuch.

Shea says another agent was with Schuch when she interviewed Kado.

Did you know there was suspicion of skimming cash? I didn't know the details says Schuch.

Do you know what cash skimmimg is? Yes. It's basically when someone is skimming cash from their business and not reported.

So on cash sales? Yes.

So in a sundries store someone buys a candy bar and I put a buck and a quarter in my pocket? Yes.

So paying lower tax on net income? Yes.

You did interview Karl Kado on March 28th 2007? I think so said Schuch.

And agent Brett Pegger accompanied you to interview and he was in charge of Karl Kado tax investigation? Yes.

The subject of that interview was Bernard Kilpatrick? I noticed that there was cash being deposited into his accounts.

That was why you were interested in payments made to him by Kado? Yes.

Isn't it truwe that in that interview Kado said that Bernard Kilpatrick did not specify that he wanted cash? Yes.

He said that it was well known that he wanted cash? Yes.

Schuch says I believe asked him why he paid in cash and Kado said it was well known that he wanted cash

So Bernard received lots of checks from lots of people in the course of doing business? Yes.

Shea asks to see the cash deposit breakdown amounts that total more than $605k.

So you don't know the source of the cash? No.

So there are no notes on the cash? Even if there were I just saw cash deposit slips.

You heard Kado's testimony yesterday? Yes.

And you heard him say that he was paid in 2002 and 2003? Well there was $100,000 in 2005.

The fact of the matter is that you don't have personal knowledge that the cash came from Karl Kado? Yes.