It could have come from any number of sources? Correct.

You iunvestigated Bernard's gambling as well. Were there any years winnings exceeded losses? No.

Well some days he won and some days he lost. On winning days he would deposit it?

Sometimes people will squirrel away cash? Yes.

He played lotto as well. some days he won and probably most he lost? I don't know says Schuch.

Point is you don't know in these years what portions represented gambling winnings? No but some years he didn't represent any gambling.

So you don't the innumerable possible sources of cash? No.

There is nothing illegal in receiving cash for services? Correct.

Looking at one of the checks from National Media to Maestro Associates. First check wriiiten on December 5th 2006. Went into Maestro Associates account. Memo says consulting.

Janury 2007 check for 14k to Maestro. Memo line also says consulting.

 Last check on July 3rd 2008 endorsed into Maestro's account.

There were 9 quarterly checks. First 2 had consulting in the memo line.

The fact is the vast majority of these checks were written before February 2008 when Bernard was working with Kado to get money from city of Detroit? Yes.

You don't have any personal knowledge why National Media Inc issued these checks to Bernard? No.

You do know there was a business relationship between Archie Clark and Bernard? Yes.

There was talk of lines of credit to buy lottoie tickets at andrew Kado's tunnel Liquor stores? Yes.

Bernard was writing lots of checks to Tunnel Liquior? Yes.

In 2007, he wrote checks that exceeded $45,000 to Tunnel Liquor? I don't know says Schuch.

Shea hands her a document to refresh her memory. She agrees.

11:39AM Bullotta redirects Schuch.

Schuch says she compared a specific day where Bernard had winnings if it coincided with a day of deposits. there were just a few deposits that coincided with winnings. withdrawals coincided more with gambling activity.

11:41AM Shea asks Schuch if Bernard gambled alot? Yes.

And gamblers can be hoarders.

11:42AM Bullotta calls Anthony Soave to the stand. Businessman Tony Soave's testimony has widely been anticipated at the trial.

Soave says "this seat is warm" as he sits in seat recently vacated by agent Schuch.