Soave says he owns some companies. Owns several companies. Got his start as a small contractor and went into landfill business. Has been based in Detroit since about 1974. Before that was in Macomb County. Soave enterprises is one of his holding companies based in Detroit on Lafayette.

20 years ago Soave purchased Inland Waters. at the time, they were an industrial cleaner at industrial plants. Primarily at auto plants. Company also located in Detroit on 1-75 and Schaeffer.

Soave was also a sewer contractor with M & M contracting. He gradually moved Inland Waters into the sewer business and included having contracts with DWSD.

He has had a business contract with city of Detroit as far back as 1974.

Dennis Ofzust was a superintendent out in the field with Inland Waters. Kathleen McCann was a VP with Soave Enterprises. Yael Levin is Executive VP with Soave Enterprises.

As far as other companies, Soave had Ferrous Processing, a scrap metal company.

During the Kilpatrick administartion between 2002 and 2008, these companies were operational.

Was Inland Waters told they were going to get 1368 for about $50 million. Putting in the bid, they had a minority companent called Charlie Williams- an attorney who was former director of DWSD on 2 separate occasions.

In 2001, Soave mentored minority congtractors. Involves helping a contractor become a viable contractor eventually.

What were you planning to do with Chalie williams on 1368? soave says he know that Charlie knoew about the business. He knew Charlie for years and they were going to help him be a contractor. The end goal was to have williams have a viable company. Charlie williams was listed on bod as minority sub-contractor.

Soave said he did not have relationship with Kwame before he became mayor. Actually supported Gil Hill.

Shortly after he was elected. Kwame went to Soave's office to ask why he didn't support him. In early 2002, Soave was waiting for letter on 1368 to start desk. It was on mayor's desk to be signed. Handed over from Archer administartion. Soave said they were anxious to start.

In April 2002, Soave set up a job with Kwame Kilpatrick. There had been some noise  that the contract wouldn't move unless he saw the mayor. Soave went alone and can't remember if mayor had anyone in his office. Soave asked what the hold up was on the job as it was a large contract. "He told me I had the wrong sub-contrcator" says Soave.

Bullotta lets that hang for awhile.

"I asked what was the right one. He told me Ferguson," says soave.

Did you know Bobby Ferguson at the time? No I did not.

Sove said ok, I will make the change. Soave went back to his office and talked to his employees McCann and Levin and said they had to make a change. Told Charlie williams they had to make a change and he was very disappointed. He had helped prepare the bid.

11:58AM Soave says he had money invested in the job and was worried about losing the contract. Soave said the financial impact of losing the contract to Inland would have been horrible. "50 million work is alot of work for a company like Inland." says Soave.

Williams was very disappointed about being dropped from the contract. Soave said he felt bad- he didn't know Ferguson but he knew Williams. Soave says he was disappointed too.

Soave paid Williams $200,000 not because he had to but because he wanted to. He felt badly for him and wanted to help him out. soave said there was no formula, he just came up with a number, $200,000.

Currently partners with Charlie Williams on MPS. Charlie owns 52% of the company. MPS is doing $35 to $40 million annually. They do industrial cleaning. They are working hard and trying to grow the company.

Judge says this is a good place to take a 5 minute break.

12:10 PM Kwame Kilpatrick has been ordered to appear in Judge David Groner's courthouse at Wayne County on Wednesday, December 12th over his missed restitution payments. This is the judge that sent him to prison last time.

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12:13PM Bullotta set to continue with witness Soave. Ferguson lawyer Mike Rataj asks for a sidebar with the judge.