Local 4 is inside the courtroom for the federal corruption trial of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick and his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson. Each day we bring you information from inside federal court as it happens.

9:00AM Packed courtroom this morning. Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom and asks for a quick sidebar to go over some issues before the jury enters.

It was quite a day yesterday as government witness Karl Kado took the stand. Kado has been ferried to and from the courthouse by an FBI escort. Kado testified yesterday to paying out at least $360,000 to ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father Bernard Kilpatrick and former mayoral aide Derrick Miller.

There is talk in the courthouse that Mondays and Fridays will now run to 8 hours of testimony instead of 4 obviously to cut down the possible length of the trial.

John Shea, Bernard's lawyer, will continue his cross-examination of businessman Kado. It will be interesting to see how the defense will further try to discredit the witness.

9:05AM Shea begins cross.

Discussing first meeting with FBI Bob Beeckman about Cobo Hall operations in 2005.

Involved you discussing with Beeckman the various interests you had in Cobo Hall? Yes.

Target letter comes in early September 2005? Yes.

You realized you were in trouble? Yes.

Letter says call me if you want to discuss a plea bargain? Kado demurs. Can't seem to remember.

Looking at the letter on the overhead. Letter states the possibility of discussing plea bargain.

You next met in February 22 2006? Yes.

You signed a cooperation agreement with them that day? I'm not sure. I don't remember.

Does the letter refresh your memory that on February 22 2006 that you signed a plea bargain? Yes.

You've known Bernard since when? I don't know long time. Early 80s.

You met him in connection to opening your store? Yes.

Over time you became friends? Yes.

Did you know he worked for Ed McNammara? Yes.

You know that he was experienced politically? Yes.

That his former wife had various political posiitions? Yes.

Did you know that he had been a Wayne county commisioner at one time? Yes.

He shopped at your store so frequently that you extended him aine of credit at your store? No.

Do you recall telling the agents in this case that you let Bernard buy things on credit at the store? No.

You don't remember telling the agents that you extended him credit and then he would pay you every week or 2? No.