You contacted Bernard about Ladarla Easley sniffing around the contract? No.

Kado says she wanted to take some money, "extortion", every month.

She couldn't interfere with the contract says Kado but he asked Bernard to keep Easley out of his way.

"It was not help. I was preferring to deal with one extortion instead of 2," says Kado about paying Bernard to get Easley off his back.

Shea askls do you remember telling agent Beeckman that you wanted Bernard's help in dealing with Easley? Yes.

Isn't it true that you never told Beeckman that you paid Bernard to give Ladarla Easley?

You were paying Bernard for services he was providing you? He was not providing any services for me says Kado.

10:03AM You ended up seeking Bernard's assistance to get this money? I cut my relationship with Mr. Kilpatrick in June 2005. I gave him $100,000 for election of the mayor and after that I had no connection with him.

Kado says he was told to call him by the feds to arrange the meeting.

Shea says he didn't know you had a hidden purpose when you arranged this meeting? Bernard Kilpatrick didn't know you were recording him? Sure he didn't know.

You testified yesterday you were owed $1.6 million on cleaning contract. $800,000 on electrical contract and $962k on renovation of building? Yes.

You believed they owed you that money? Yes.

At the request of government you sought meeting with Bernard? Yes.

But you had said you were owed between $200 and $250k on cleaning how did that become $1.6 million? That was only for the equipment. I sued them and ended up getting $70, 00 in settlement.

Why did you tell Bernard you were owed only $250,000? That’s what you wanted him to collect? Yes.

So you didn't ask him to collect the $1.6 million? Yes.

Listening to another recording excerpt. Prosecutors conveniently forgot transcripts at the office.

Shea is going to listen to the transcript of the recording instead of playing it for the jury so they can follow it better.

From Tom's Oyster Bar meeting in February 2008.

Kado says 1.6 million dollars and tells Bernard he will give him $160,000 in cash. Kado had added up the numbers to get to the $1.6 million.

Mr. Kado isn't true you were totaling up the money you wanted collected from the city of Detroit and you came up with $1.6 million?

What you told Mr. Kilpatrick you would do is pay him 10% of what he collected? Yes.

Why did you tell government yesterday that you were owed $962,000 when you also said $574,000?

Isn't it true that Mr. Kilpatrick was trying to assist you with these collections before February 2008? Yes.

10:18AM Listening to conversation from February 4th 2008. Between Bernard and Kado. Bernard tells him he talked to "all these folks." Where are you asks Kado? At home says Bernard. Plan to meet at 3:30pm at Tom's.