Kado says he received target letter in September 2005. 

Did you meet with government in February 2006? I take your word for it. 

Did you meet with them March 2nd, March 17th, April 24th, and June 9th 2006? Yes. 

Judge says he has also testified that he met with them 12 to 15 times. 

So you met with them 15 times? Yes. 

So your lawyers didn't have you meet with them before you went over? Yes. 

You decided you were going to do whatever you could to help them (government)? No. 

At that point you didn't decide you were going to cooperate? I didn't decide yes or no. 

You did not want to cooperate right away? I didn't decide right away. 

When was it that you did decide to cooperate? After one month. 

You decided to do whatever you could not to go to prison? Yes. 

You had gone to a debate at Cobo Hall? Yes.

and that debate preceded his election? Yes. 

Did you know a week before election he was 17 points down in the polls?

Did you meet with him? No. 

Do you remember conversation with agents? Were your lawyers there, Mr. Bullotta, Chutkow, Beeckman? Yes. 

Didn't you tell them that in 2001 Kwame Kilpatrick contacted you to support his mayoral bid? No. 

What you are saying now is that he did not call you until after he was mayor? Yes.

Did you receive contact a week after debate at cobo between Kwame and Gil Hill. No says Kado I didn't speak with him until after the election.

12:18PM Bullotta calls for sidebar. There seems to be an issue over using agent's notes that are not under oath.

Sidebar disbands and Thomas is back at podium. Government objection was sustained.

Where were you when you received phone call from Kilpatrick? In kitchen of Cobo Hall.

How did he get your number? "Many people have my number," says Kado.

Was it on your cell? Yes says Kado.

At that time he did not ask you for a specific amount of money? Not specifically.