Three days later you got a call from Derrick Miller and you decided you were going to give him $10,000? Right.

In any of the conversations that you had with government is there anything you said that was different?

Did the government give you your statements and tell you to review them? Yes.

Did they point one out and say this one is a problem for us? No.

You're an older guy like me would you say that as time goes on your memory is more frail? What is that?

Is your memory of an event better closer to an event? Yes.

Would you say your memory today is better today is than 11 years ago? It is much worse.

In fact you indicated to agents that it has gotten worse? Over the last 2 or 3 years.

Did you indicate to the agents that you might be suffering from dementia? Yes.

Have you seen a doctor about this? No.

Kado says he talked to agents and he was afraid that he might be suffering dementia. And he talked to doctor.

So 4 or 5 years ago he went to doctor to discuss symptoms? Yes.

The judge interrupts and tells them not to cut each other off. Made this weird shrieking sound to stop of them.

Judge Edmunds tells witness to only question asked and not volunteer information.

Were you concerned enough to go to a physician? No.

Did you go to a doctor? Yes.

Did he perform tests? One.

Why did you raise the issue with the government on April 12th 2012 and September 11th 2012? Yes.

Did you tell them that you sometimes forget the day of the week or where you are going? Yes.

Did you tell them that you never went to a doctor for these symptoms and you'd never been diagnosed? Yes.

Is that agent Beeckman that you told you were suffering from dementia? Yes.

And you are correcting events from 11 years ago because you think your memory is better now?

In testimony yesterday you said you gave Miller money in brown paper bag? Yes.

Do you remember telling agents it was in an envelope? Yes.

And yet you say today that your memory is clearer today than it was? Yes.