Do you remember when you gave Miller the money? It was after the call, 4 or 5 days.

At that point, Miller wasn't in any position with the city?

Kado says that walking down the debate; Arthur Blackwell says you have to support the future mayor of Detroit. and Bernard says that Kado is their guy.

Judge Edmunds clarifies what Kado testified yesterday.

Where did you get the money for Miller? The store at Cobo Hall.

What was the name of your store? Cobo Sundries.

Was it a blanket name for your stores? Yes.

Who was present when you gave the money to Mr. Miller? No one.

He didn't say anything after he left? No.

You have no idea if he gave that money to Mr. Kilpatrick? No.

12:35PM You have been frequent contributor to people campaigning in Detroit? Yes.

You even supported Gil Hill in the race against Kilpatrick? Yes.

You have already agreed that city hall was in charge of contracting process at Cobo? Yes.

Did you support Sheila Cockrel amongst others? Yes.

Did you give any of them illegal contributions? No.

You did so freely and voluntarily? No because they were asking for donations.

You spent your money willingly, freely in things you believed in? Yes.

It wasn't unusual for Kwame to ask for a campaign contribution? No.

It was you who decided to give Miller $10,000? Yes.

Not because anyone asked you for it? Yes.

You considered that Lou Pavledes being someone important in the decision process? Yes.

Did you say his word is Gospel? "Gospel according to Lou," says Kado.

He was the ultimate authority? Yes.

You knew Kwame as mayor? Yes.

You had meetings with him? Yes.