Talked about politics? Yes.

Talked about your life? Yes. i don't remember exactly. We talked about things.

12:48PM You developed a friendship with him? Yes Soave says, we were friendly.

Did you ever call him just to talk to him? Soave says I think I did. It wasn't a regular thing.

You had respect for him? "I liked him" says Soave.

Were you aware at that time of national search for director of water department? No says Saove.

National search for new police chief? No I don't remember.

Issues of snow removal for the city that were of concern? Soave says he remembers there were snow issues.

Soave says he talked to Kilpatrick about a bunch of things. Doesn't recall.

Do you remember talking about your family, children and daughter's wedding. Yes my daughter's wedding I think I invited him to it.

Did you talk about your divorce. I don't remember specifically but maybe.

Did you talk to him in a mentoring way? Are you older than him? I think so.

About how much older are you than him? "Alot older" answers Soave.

You had a very good relationship during his relationship? Yes.

You liked him a lot? Yes.

You are generous with people you like? Yes.

That's just how you are? Yes.

One of the ways you wanted to show you connection with the city was during the black out. The offer of the use of one of your planes for Kilpatrick who was in the Bahamas at the time? I was called to go pick him up says Soave. I tried.

You offered to fly him back to the Bahamas to finish his vacation? Yes.

Under the previous administration, the city had its own airplane for the city? Yes.

Soave says he doesn't remember talking about it but it is certainly something that could have come up.

Gurewitz says this is a good place to stop so Judge Edmunds closes the session by dismissing the jurors.

There had been some talk about possibly extending Mondays and Fridays to 8 hours but seems that is not going to happen at this point.

12:58PMCourt will resume tomorrow morning at 9AM.