Also owns sub-divisions? Huron Point? Huron Point never built.

The Moors of Oxford? Partially built.

White Oaks Crossing? I believe that's in Genesee County.

Did I miss anything? I don't know. There could be another one or 2.

There is industrial property? Yes.

Soave says he has a rental piece in Romulus by the airport .

Soave says he owns MPS but doesn't know what the initials stand for.

Are you in the beverage distribution business? No longer says Soave.

He owns car dealerships including Mercedes, Range Rover, Maserati all in Kansas City.

Soave Enterprises also involved in hydroponic greenhouse operations- grow tomatoes. They have 2. "One is a seedling operation and the other grows big tomatahhs." He just pronounced tomatoes "tomatahhs". Unbelievable. This guy has his hands in everything.

Sidebar called.

9:29AM You have warehouses? Yes I do.

You owned City Aviation? Yes.

And you testified yesterday to woning 3 planes? Yes.

And you own Checker Cabs? Yes.

Rataj talking about his ownership of largest waste management systems in the entire world. Soave agrees it's true.

You're involved in sewer repair work? Yes.

Inland waters involved in sewer repair? Yes.

You have 4 different protfolio under the umbrella of Soave enterprises? I don't understand.

Rataj explains how he has 4 people running 4 separate portfolios. Soave agrees it's true.

Industrial Services, Real Estate, Dealerships, Diversified Holdings portfolios.

Would you estimate you own over 50 companies? To me it's one. I don't know how many.

It could be more than 50? I don't know. I suppose it could be.

Soave Enterprises owns a lot of different companies? Yes.

Yale Levin, Kathleen McCann and Mike Piesco, Mike Hollerback run the portfolios says Soave.