Soave says he called to make appointment with Kilpatrick and he accepted it.

Gurewitz says you testified about meeting to grand jury in March 2010? Yes says Soave.

This was a meeting that happened 8 years earlier? Yes.

Did you have notes about the meeting? No says Soave.

Any other record of the meeting? Written down asks Soave? No answers Soave.

Without info from McCann and Levin you wouldn't have been prepared to talk to Kilpatrick? No they were the onesw filling me in says Soave.

11:51AM Gurewitz introducing 2 new exhibits.

First document is from March 14th 2002. Letter to Kwame Kilpatrick signed by Anthony Soave. Soave requests a meeting to discuss a number of issues. The letter is a follow-up to the mayor's converstaion with Kathleen McCann. First, Soave discusses his company's commitment to the city. Soave offered cab space to advance "Cops, Kids, Clean" initiatives.

Second topic of letter is a company called Strong steel Products, scrap metal processing comany. Needed the city's endorsement on an outstanding compliance issue with federal government. They were asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then letter refers to contract CS 1325 that preceded 1368. Seems to have been a problem with Inland not getting paid.

Soave getting irritated. Says he doesn't remember all this.

The last item on the letter is contract 1368. This is what Soave went to see the mayor about. Talks about how 1368 will replave 1325. Last line says "It is our understanding that the Mayor's office may have some questions regarding the contract that we may be able to answer."

Gurewitz says if this letter was prepared for you, this was about 5 weeks you went to see the Mayor? OK says Soave.

You would expect if someone prepared this letter they did it accurately? I would assume so.

Soave says I don't even know who prepared this.

Now publishing an internal memo from March 22nd 2002 to Soave from a Susan Johnson, an inhouse attorney for Soave. Johnson an environmental attorney who would help them with contracts. Sunject line indicates contract 1368.

The memo indicates that contract 1368 is supposedly being held up in Mayor's Office. The memo says they have heard through several sources and that supposedly the deputy director Gary Fujita was going to talk to the Mayor.

This contract talks are really intense? Yes agrees Soave.

So Ms. Johnson is reporting things from other people? Yes says Soave.

Johnson indicates in letter that according to sources the hold up has to do with Charlie Williams and "other supposedly more deserving contractors." In particular, Bobby Ferguson and Frank Torrey as the more deserving contractors.

The memo says that basically contracts for people who supported Gil Hill are being held up. 

Soave says these are details that would definitely get through to him.

Johnson says in memo that Derrick Miller says he has never heard about contracts and that's a lie because Gary Fujita talked to him about it. Johnson worries that if the contract is not released to them soon, it will have to be re-bid.

The memo mentions how Inland has already invoiced more than $291,000 for a job that hasn't already officially been granted.

Soave a little irritated says he doesn't know why he is being asked about things he can't remember. Says these are questions that should be addressed to Ms. Johnson.