Memo conclusion: "Basically we need to know what are the issues and what do we need to do to get the contracts on through the City Council."

12:16PM Judge calls for 5 minute break.

12:29PM Gurewitz brings back the document which shows that 1368 has been approved by City council.

Like Rataj, asks witness if he sees Kilpatrick's signature?

Government objects and judge tells him to move on.

"I don't have dementia," says Soave when Gurewitz questions his memory.

Gurewitz says with regards to memory of meeting with mayor. Soave says he went to ask about the contract.

Soave says he heard it was sitting on the mayor's desk.

Gurewitz says it wasn't true because that is not how the process worked. Soave says that Kilpatrick seemed to know it was being held up at their meeting.

Gurewitz is asking about how good Soave's memory is about the words that were being used.

Gurewitz says Soave first appeared before grannd jury in 2010, reviewed that testimony and has gone over things in advance. soave says he has gone over it a few times.

Soave agrees with Gurewitz that he doesn't remember all the words.

Gurewitz says the mayor did not say that if you do not use a particular contractor you won't get that work? Soave say he did not say that.

Gurewitz says what you said in an answer to a grand jury question you said that the mayor never said that if you didn't use Bobby Ferguson you wouldn't get any work? No says Soave slightly confused like the rest of us listening to that triple negative question.

Gurewitz says you thought it was implied you had to use a particular contract? Wasn't implied says Soave. "What I knew when I left there that I had to use Bobby Ferguson." Soave says the mayor said that he "had the wrong contractor."

Gurewitz refers back to Soave's answer in grand jury testimony. Gurewitz wants to know if it was implied or explicitly said that he had to use Bobby. In grand jury testimony Soave said it was implied.

Gurewitz asks if Soave knew if all the contract steps had been taken. No I did not know says Soave.

Gurewitz says you had been around the city a long time and could assess what the safest thing for you to do was? Soave says I don't know what that means.

Gurewitz says you concluded what was in you best interest and told McCann and Levin. Soave reiterates that when he left there the mayor and told him to use Bobby Ferguson.

Gurewitz says you met one on one with Mayor many different occasions? Yes.

You were with him on your airplane? Yes.

There were occcasions when kilpatrick went to your house? Yes.

In Grosse Pointe? Yes.

How many times did you get together? 2 or 3 times.

Watched tv together in your living room? Yes.