Soave Enterprises is worth 2.5 billion? Soave says I don't know. I don't know where you got that. I'm not sure.

Rataj hands him a document from Forbes to refresh his memory on his worth.

Rataj says that as of 2006 that Soave was worth 1.5 billion and was 251st biggest privately held company in the US? Yes.

In 2009 Soave was 216th privately held in US? I didn't know.

The judge admonishes Rataj for reading the numbers into the record.

Rataj asks about revenues in 2008. Soave says according to document it was 2.5 billion. "It's a lot of muchachos, yeah," says Soave. The whole courtroom erupts into laughter. "It's a lot less glamorous than it sounds."

Rataj says it sounds good to him. Soave says it's out there for him to get. Rataj says maybe he'll work for Soave.

What was your first business? It was contracting. "I had a truck and a bulldozer," says Soave.

Rataj says it was in the 60s? Yes.

From a truck and a bulldozer to 2.5 billion. That's impressive? I don't talk about myself but yes.

You had help from various politicians as you where coming up?

Coleman Young mentored you? I think you misunderstood, he asked me to mentor people.

Soave says Coleman Young got him mentoring people.

He was a friend of yours? "I was friendly with him."

"It's good to be friends with the mayor of the city where you are working." says Soave.

Soave agrees he was friends with Engler, Archer, McNammara, Young and Kwame Kilpatrick. And Brooks Patterson as well.

Soave says he is not friends with politicians in other cities.

Rataj asks if most locales have favorite contractors?

Bullotta objects.

Isn't it normal that in different cities there are favored contractors? Soave agrees with that.

You are friendly with politicians because you want access? Yes says Soave.

You want to cut through bureaucracy and go right to the boss? Yes.

There is a good feeling in being friends with politicians? Yes says Soave.

It's good to have politicians associated with some of your companies? I don't know that at all.

Soave says the only one he knows is Sharp?