Bullotta objects and judge sustains.

Being a pushover is not a way to be successful? "It's a rough and tumble business."

"I'm a lovable guy" says Soave. Courtroom erupts into laughter. Jury is loving this.

You learned that Ferguson had a body of work under his belt? Yes.

Did you know that he started working for his father? No I did not know that.

Bullotta objects and judge sustains.

Did you know that Ferguson dug up Ford Field, Comerica Park and he did work on MGM Grand? No I did  not.

Bullotta objects and judge sustains. "Come on Mr. Rataj move it along." says Edmunds. Rataj asks her to admonish him at sidebar.

Did you understand Ferguson to be a proud man like yourself? "He was a tough businessman" concurs Soave.

You instructed your people to push back on Ferguson? I don't quite understand that pushback. We did normal business like we normally do.

You didn't let him run over your company? Soave says no. He tried. Soave says he was getting reports that he was trying to get paid for work he didn't do.

Soave ultimately agrees that Ferguson did do the work.

"But we weren't going to pay him for not working. We made him do the work," says Soave.

Rataj asks to approach the witness.

You were going to make him do the work? Yes says Soave.

You pushed back on Ferguson. Despite his relationship with Kilpatrick you were going to make him do the work? Yes.

You expexted some retaliation from city hall? I expected it might happen.

Soave agrees that it never did happen and Inland Waters continued to get work.

Rataj talking about perceived threats from Ferguson as told by Kathleen McCann to her boss.

You said today that you didn't care that Ferguson was friends with the mayor, you still kept him in line? Yes.

You are loyal and protective of your people? Yes.

At no point did you tell with Ferguson directly? No.

You never picked up the phone and asked Ferguson to stop threatening your people? Yes.

You never asked the mayor to rein him in? Soave asked if he was still his friend. "We would have dealt with him a little differently."

Soave agrees again he never asked mayor to get Ferguson to stop threatening his people.