Soave said he didn't go to the basketball game with Kwame because "I couldn't afford anymore tickets." Even Kwame is laughing. This guy is gold.

You never took threat seriously because you never injected yourself into it? No it's not true.

Soave said they felt the threat and that Ferguson was asking for things. "Ask Mrs. McCann about that, she'll tell you,"" says Soave.

Soave says he did take threats seriously though ultimately there were no repercussions.

Rataj says but not seriously enough to pick up the phoen and call Bobby? Soave agrees he did not.

Rataj says you are not the kind of person that is intimidated easily? "By certain people i can get pushed around"

"Like your mother maybe?," asks Rataj. Laughter from the courtroom.

Kathleen McCann will be a later witness in the trial says Rataj.

Rataj says you couldn't have become so insanely successful if you were pushed around? I worked hard says soave. i think you're over using this pushed around.

No one can intimidate you except your grandkids maybe? No. "My grandkids and you," says Soave. More laughter erupts. This is a the Rataj-Soave comedy show this morning.

Rataj says you told McCann to tell Ferguson to fuck himself? Soave says he said "eff" himself. McCann doesn't swear so he would never have said it like that.

10:15AM Rataj says Ferguson never threatened to take work away from Inland Waters? Soave says you'd have to ask McCann.

Couldn't Ferguson have meant that you got contracts because he was a minority when he said "you're here because of me?"

Bullotta objects for speculation. Judge sustains.

Don't you think Kilpatrick was trying to get pass through contractors? Soave says he never heard that.

Ferguson had real company and real employees? Yes.

And Charlie Williams did not asks Rataj? Judge Edmunds says let's not go over ground that's already been well covered Mr. Rataj.

There was a contract that preceded 1368? Soave says he is not familiar with it.

Did you know that inland Waters had contract CS 1325? no I don't know.

You agree with me that 1368 was 2 contracts that became one? I don't recall that says Soave.

Rataj pauses to consult with the defense table.

Were you familiar who inland Waters was bidding against for those contracts? No says Soave.

Rataj says it was Lanzo Construction correct? Yes.

And the bid took place October 25th 2001? Soave refreshes his memory with documents

Rataj hands him documents to refresh his memory. Soave flips through the pages.