Archer was mayor at the time? Yes.

And Inland Waters was awarded both contracts? Yes.

And they were both worth $25 million? Yes.

And 1362 was rolled into 1368? Yes says Soave.

10:27AM Rataj tells judge this might be a good place to take a break.

Judge says take 20 minutes

10:49AM Break is almost over. Not much to report about the goings on at the first floor snack shop today except that I noticed that Bernard's suit is actually navy with orange stripes and an orange shirt accented with an orange tie. Not exactly pivotal to court proceedings but thought the Detroit Tigers color coordination was worth mentioning.

Judge calls court back into session. Waiting for the jurors to file back in. Apparently they may be indulging in pizza as its pizza day at the courthouse on Thursdays.

10:54AM Rataj goes back to contracts bid in October 2001 that were ultimately won by Inland Waters against Lanzo construction.

Rataj hands Soave more papers to refresh his recollection about 1368 being a continuation of 1325. Soave says it doesn't help his recollection.

Rataj says Kathleen Levy who was director of the DWSD and Charlie Williams had a relationship. Soave says "ask them."

Did you have an understanding that 1368 was a pipe rehab job? Yes says Soave.

The was a patent for the rehab process held by Insitu Form? Yes says Soave.

At one point Inland Waters was sub-contractor to Insitu form? Yes.

Rataj says that Inland ultimately elbowed Insitu out of the way to be prime contractor? Soave agrees with that statement.

In early 2002 Kilpatrick became mayor? Yes says Soave.

You Dennis Ozust? Yes.

He worked for you? Yes.

He was involved with McCann dealing with DWSD and sub-contractors? Yes.

Do you recall Ozust supplying performance and payment bonds in February 2002 to the city of Detroit? Rataj hands him documents to refresh his memory.

Rataj takes back document.

Does that refresh your recollection on performance and payment bonds? no says Soave.

Did you know that before a job you need performance bonds? Soave says he doesn't know if it needs to be provided before or after they get the job.

So bond documentation is being provided to the city of Detroit by Inland? Yes.

Do you remember an invoice for $291,000 from Inland to city of Detroit being submitted in March 2001? Soave says I don't understand where you are going.