Rataj says with all due respect you don't need to know where I'm going. Asks about the invoice for 1368 to DWSD. Soave says his recollection is not refreshed.

Soave seems to have no recollection of the specifics of contract 1368.

Rataj asks if he remembers if city council helpd up the question.

Judge Edmunds interjects and says he has no foundation for questions.

Did you know if Inland had started work on 1368 as early as January 2002? Soave says he doesn't know.

Rataj asks Soave if his is aware that there are numerous steps before a contract is awarded. Soave says yes he knows there are numerous steps.

Edmunds interrupts Rataj again for referring to contents in documents. Says it is improper questionning.

Do you know why the $291,000 invoice wasn't paid? No says Soave.

Did you know it was because the city hadn't approved the contract?

Bullotta objects. Rataj says let's go to sidebar. Edmunds says "you get to call sidebars now?". Clearly some toes are getting stepped on. Ouch.

11:11AM Sidebar disbands.

Rataj asks to show witness the interoffice memorandum from DWSD about refusal to pay the invoice.

The memo is from April 2002 from Sergir Dioso to Jacquelyn Jordan. Says the invoice wasn't approved because they didn't get notice about approval.

Soave says "these are technical terms."

You don't know the various steps have to be gone through to be approved? No.

But you thought your contract was held up by Kilpatrick? Yes that's what i was told.

But you don't know anything directly about Kilpatrick holding up 1368? No.

Anything you heard about 1368 was through your people? Yes.

Did you know that Kilpatrick had nothing to do with 1368? No I did not but can I explain asks Soave. Judge tells him that he can on redirect by Bullotta.

Did you know when 1368 was actually approved? No says Soave.

Publishing the approval of the contract by city council on June 26th 2002. Signed by Inland Waters and Board of Water directors, law office. Nowhere on the contract is there a signature for the mayor of Detroit.

Do you know when Inland Waters received its right to start letter from DWSD? No I do not says Soave.

Rataj approaches witness with documents.

Looking at the right to start letter of July 16th 2002. Victor Mercado sends Dennis Ozust letter. States that City Council approved it on June 26th 2002. Start date is July 19th 2002 and completion 3 years later.

You would agree with me that from the bid date of October 25th 2001 through July 16th 2002 is 9 months? Yes says Soave.