"That's what it says" says Soave.

Do you know how many contract amendments there were? No says Soave.

Do you know how many amendments there were and total amount of contract?Judge says you need to move on.

Rataj is done.

11:24AM Harold Gurewitz for Kwame Kilpatrick. This is the first time Gurewitz cross-examines in this trial. Should be interesting.

Jim Thomas shows up just in time to watch his colleague do his usual job.

You're a modest man in regards to your accomplishments? Did I say that asks Soave. "I don't brag", he states.

When you appeared to grand jury in 2010 your response was "I own some companies"? Yes says Soave.

And you're a lovable guy, at least to your grand-children? Yes says Soave.

You grew up in Detroit? Yes.

Your father owned a grocery store on the east side of Detroit? Yes.

Soave says he got his start with the grading business.

At some point in your career you started doing work for city of Detroit. when? I believe it was 1974 says Soave.

Soave says he bought a company that had contract in the city. It was called Sanitas.

At some point became owner of City Management? Yes. City Management bought Sanitas.

Soave says he was dealing with DPW and that he met Charlie williams after that. A couple years after that. Mid to late 70s.

11:30AM You've said it's always good practice to be on good terms with the city? Yes.

What do you mean by that? You have to perform and do good work says Soave.

Contracting business a hard area of work? Yes.

Always need to make sure you're not going to have difficulties with the city? You have to perform to make sure they're happy says Soave.

You're dealing with a select number of customers with which you can do business? Soave agrees.

There is always some anxiety with business that everything is going to go ok? Yes says Soave.

Once you get business still anxiety? Yes says Soave.

You had contact with Charlie Williams when he was at DWSD? Yes.

He was director of DWSD and Young's schief of staff at one time? Yes says Soave.