You developed substantial amount of work with the city then? Yes.

Little side note, Gurewitz used to be Coleman Young's attorney.

When did you form Soave Enterprises? "Gee I don't know, can't remember. After I sold the waste business I guess."

Soave says he's be speculating if he said when he started it.

Soave says he does what an owner does. "I poke my nose into things. I generally have an idea of what is going on."

So you'd poke into not just Inland but other businesses? Yes people would report to me and tell me things.

You depended on people who worked for you for info? Soave agrees that's true.

How long have you worked with McCann? About 20 years. Soave says no longer, "she just recently went."

Soave says in 2001 and 2002 Mcann was overseeing Inland. Talks about Yale Levin who is also on his management team. He also worked with McCann on Inland. Ozust was a field man, the other 2 mostly administrators.

Inland and Soave Enterprises aren't even located at the same place? No. "You're not trying to trick me are you?" Soave couldn't sound more like Tony Soprano if he tried.

So you would get briefed on Inland by McCann and Ozust and that's who you relied on for info? Yes says Soave.

Gurewitz asks about contract 1368. You didn't work through document details? No says soave.

Weren't involved on an everyday business? No I was not.

Soave reiterates that info on Inland would come to him via Kathleen McCann or Yale Levin.

Soave agrees that he met with Kwame after he was elected in 2002 but doesn't remember exact date.

Gurewitz publishes Kwame's calendar that shows meeting in April 2002 at 11:00-11:30am with Soave.

Soave says he doesn't know if it was that date but the timing coincides. "I know we had a meeting."

Soave says that Kilpatrick came to visit him at his business.

Gurewitz asks about Soave's charitable causes? ""I don't know. I'm always donating to city charities."

Also active in supporting political candidates? Yes.

At the time he came to see you you had supported Gil Hill? Yes says Soave.

How was the meeting? Soave says it was pleasant and they joked around a little bit. Doesn't think it was very long.

You're pretty funny? Soave says that it was mostly "the previous guy" Rataj who was funny.

You had hopes there would be good things happening in the city? Soave agrees.

You weren't going to meet a stranger? Soave says well I had met him one time.