A group of men who played little league together back in the 80's, are reuniting for a game in Northville this weekend.

This is Ford Field in Northville and while the diamond is here, it used to be down in that direction and the friendship made down there 25 years ago are turning out to be important and valuable for a local man."

25-years- ago the bats were wooden, the gloves leather, the friendship was the best part of the game.  “Baseball was our life”

And  now -  “It is pancreatic cancer.  They have no cure.”

That friendship is being unexpectedly and painfully tested. Kelly Bell, on the bottom right hand corner, is now 44-years-old.  He knows too much about pain as his daughter died a couple of years ago, he's lost his job, his home and his baseball buds who just learned of his cancer came running to his aid.

Friend Scott Peterson said, "It's really overwhelming to all of a sudden with the basic sports philosophy is when a guy is down pick him right back up. We want him to have less of a burden to think about and at least for six months or so that he can just focus on trying to get through this and get him better."

On Saturday they'll play baseball again, for Kelly.  It will be a game between what we'd call the glory days guys against the present day, younger Northville coaches.

One of the challenges the game was up against is many of the old players live far away - in places like Thailand.  The emails flew and donations streamed in. The goal is to raise $5000 and so far they have collected $3000.

If you are interested in making a donation, click here.

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