Jones further explained Ferguson had no concern for his workers who were not trained or outfitted to protect themselves from the harmful effects of asbestos exposure.

12:40PM -

After the Book Cadillac Project City work for Jones and his company dried-up.  Jones made several attempts to contact the mayor and met with Ferguson, but he still did not get more work. 

Jones donated $10,000 to the Manogian Mansion Restoration Fund, and was a supporter of Mayor Kilpatrick but none of it helped him get any city work. 

Text between Ferguson and Kilpatrick indicate Jones tried to contact Kilpatrick's Mother and sister - Ferguson sent a text to Kilpatrick: Odel Jones called your Moma.  Kilpatrick: yeah, I know.

Biting bugs have been reported in the courtroom by the judge - they either fly or jump.  Several jurors have been bitten, so sprays may be applied. 

- Gerald Evelyn begins his cross.  Evelyn establishes that Jones is an African American Male and his business is no longer in operation.  Good job. 

Next revelation is that Jones didn't pursue business with the City of Detroit, Jones does not agree.  Evelyn produces a document of former testimony to the FBI where Jones indicated his major projects were with Ford and he didn't really go after city work.  

On to the photos in Fergusons office, the pictures had nothing to do with the project.  The Mayor had nothing to do with the project?  Jones was "the tempest in the teapot" according to Evelyn.  

Evelyn asks Jones to produce the letter that was sent by Ferguson and copied to Kilpatrick.  Jones does not have a copy of the letter.  Evelyn questions why Jones got a letter that was not addressed to him.  The letter was addressed to Turner Construction. 

The premise is that Ferguson was showing his connections with the mayor and trying to get Jones off his back. 

Jones indicated he has frequently been offered to be a minority front for white business but, that he has never allowed this arrangement for him or his company.


Evelyn is displaying the MDEQ violations which it appears put the responsibility on the management and no violation was written for unprotected workers. 

Since the Book was built, we can assume the violations were taken care of so say the defense.  "Well, the book was built" agreed Jones. 

Letters from the MDEQ show each violation and how they were ultimately dealt with. 

A new work plan dated 7/9/03 from FEI seems to address proper handling of hazardous materials.  

Done for the day.

Cross will continue tomorrow.