Evelyn saying that book Cadillac is a successful edifice. Miller agrees. Kimberly Clark withdrew because a $25 million shortfall was discovered and the city refused to eat the shortfall. Miller agrees it was an embarrassment for the city. Miller agrees they were taking a lot of heat. Evelyn says so the project stopped and was rebid. Yes says Miller. Ferchill took over the project.

11:50AM Miller can't remember who the construction manager was when Ferchill took over. Thinks it may have been a joint venture with Walbridge. 

Evelyn approaches the witness to show him a document. 

Chutkow objects to document. 

Judge says that the document is not in evidence so that Miller can't say what is in it. Can only be used to refresh his memory. 

Miller recalls something about a dispute occurring when it was rebid. Evelyn says Ferguson had an interest in the project but almost all contractors did. Miller agrees. Evelyn says Ferguson bid like everyone else. Miller says he knows that Ferguson worked on it but doesn't know what part. Miller says that the project was competitively bid and Ferguson was selected. 

Miller can't recall the rankings on the bids. 

Miller saying he had a financial relationship with Tim cook of Jones Lang Lasalle. evelyn saying that Miller got paid for introducing Cook to people like Cassandra Smith-Grey, onetime director of the Housing Commission. Miller saying they talked about it but doesn't remember if he was paid. Introduced Cook to Gerard Phillips of the Human rights Department. Evelyn says he told feds he got paid several thousands for the introduction. Witness says it's possible. 

Property at 151 West fort Street where city did training. As head of IT, Miller wanted to move into that location. Cook wanted to be introduced to Frank Torre. Evelyn says Miller told agents that Cook wanted an equity interest in the building and that he wanted a part of it. Miller says he doesn't remember that exactly. Miller says 151 West Fort street ended up being redeveloped. 

Miller introduced Cook to Torre. Miller says he doesn't remember talking about sharing equity interest with Cook. Evelyn says isn't that the way it worked out with Cook, you helped him and got paid for it. Yes says Miller. 

12:05PM Evelyn ready to move on to Andrew Park. Judge says let's take a 5 minute break.

12:15PM Evelyn asking about Andrew Park and Asian Village. Also asking about Scan contracts for interactive screens in downtown Detroit that did not go well. Miller saying that Scan payments be submitted to the grant administrator. Evelyn says phase 1 was planning and that Miller advanced $472,000 to Park so that he could complete it. Evelyn says Miller authorized full payment of Phase 2, installation, was done. Evelyn says that Miller even paid for phase 3, training, before phase 2 was even finished. Miller saying he was gone at that point.

Miller says that Park did get the $4.5 homeland security grant. Talking about Comsat which was associated with Scan project. Evelyn says that Comsat pulled out because Scan was having financial problems and that was why it collapsed. Miller agrees.

Evelyn saying that Pangborn and Park offered him a third interest in Scan. Miller says not a third but offered him to be part of project.

Miller acknowledges he took money for his participation in Scan. Evelyn asking about the plea deal with the government. Evelyn says Miller has not yet been sentenced. Miller agrees. Evelyn says that one of the provisions is that before Miller talks to anyone else about his testimony, he must discuss it with federal agents. Miller says he would talk to his attorney and let him handle it. Another provision, says Ferguson, the guideline will make the sentencing call. Miller agrees.

With regards to the guidelines, the government can make a call to ask for a reduction. It's exclusively up to the government to decide based on his performance in the courtroom will they provide the motion. Miller says that it correct. Evelyn asking about conversation Miller had with Victor Mercado after he left city government. Miller testified about the pressure he was under from Ferguson. Evelyn asking about warning he gave to Mercado about trouble with law enforcement. Evelyn says and you were involved in bribery and illegal dealings and you are going to warn Mercado. Correct says Miller.

Evelyn is done.

12:30PM Chutkow redirects. Asking about his understanding of testimony under plea agreement. Miller says it is not his intention to make anyone happy but to tell the truth as he knows it. Chutkow asks if government asked him to tailor his testimony. No says Miller. 

Miller understands that ultimately the judge makes the sentence and can agree that the judge can assess herself the level of his cooperation. Chutkow asking about checks from Rutherford to Kilpatrick Civic Fund being disclosed by mistake.

Miller says during the process of filing paperwork it was a mistake by whoever did that to disclose the donors because they had decided not to. Miller remembers discussing it with Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty and William Phillips. Phillips was the one to mistakenly disclose it. Kilpatrick was upset when he found out and says that Phillips had messed up and hadn't needed to do it. Miller saying that he didn't say his family was the one priority because other things were equally important: happiness, enlightenment and atonement. Miller says this case has impacted his family life. "My wife and I are divorcing," says Miller on how the trial has impacted him.

12:34PM Jim Thomas, Kwame's lawyer, re-crosses. Thomas asks if any divorce papers have been filed. Miller says they have not. Miller says they have recently retained lawyers. "It has only been necessary recently," says Miller. Miller says that when he first starts cooperating with government there was talk about separation. Miller says they did separate.

Thomas asking if at that point he decided that his family wasn't important to him. Miller says that he doesn't use a hierarchy to prioritize what is important to him. Miller says this case has heightened his faith. Miller agrees that his son is as important as his faith.

Thomas asks if Miller thinks if his marriage is as important as other things but not the most important thing. Miller says it is equally important. Miller says that is not the way he thinks, doesn't prioritize things. Thomas asking if getting money was equally as important. Chutkow objects as argumentative. Judge sustains.

Thomas asks if Miller went to church. Miller said he didn't go to church. Thomas asking if his faith was as important as his child. Miller says yes. Miller says, "I didn't go to Church. I'm not Christian." And we are done with Zeke. He is being escorted out of the building by the FBI.

12:41PM Chutkow bringing back FBI agent Bob Beeckman. I look at this man and just think text messages are coming our way.