Talking about timeline of events after contract 748, Baby Creek, had been awarded. Text message June 17th 2003. Vincent Anwunah, first level supervisor at Detroit Recreation Dept. Involved with Patton Park. Ferguson is also involved in exchange. DWSD provided money and Rec Dept. provided Patton Park on Baby Creek.

Anwunah: They want Walbridge to collect 500,000 of this contract what do you think?

Ferguson: Hell no that's 5% they are crazy. 2% f**k them and Walbridge that's theft.

Anwunah: OK Ferguson: You were right they got a deal going this is bullshit.

Anwunah: The guy insisted that they must pay them 5% and you have to submit your price to them as the general. I told them to tell them they can be paid not more than 2.5% and also should allow FEI to put a team together the I will be.

Chutkow asking Beeckman if he has reviewed DWSD records related to this case including Patton Park. Yes says Beeckman.

Beeckman says he has also reviewed records at the Recreation Department. Beeckman says Jon McGrail was in charge of the Patton Park project at the DWSD. He was a supervising engineer. Anwunah was the supervisor from the Rec Dept. Since the DWSD was providing the funding, they had some say over how the Patton Park project was run.

Beeckman says "the guy" referenced is McGrail.

General contractor on this contract was Walbridge.

Text on June 20 2003. Ferguson: can I talk to Carolyn about babycreek and the rec and dwsd in more detail so she can talk to victor and he didn't here black.

Carolyn Williams-Mesa was in charge of Rec Department.

Victor is Mercado and "black" is nickname for Kwame.

Mayor: yes. He heard. I didn't tell him about that yet.

Looking at letter to Ferguson in response to letter on contaminated dirt on October 1st 2003. Brian Cruikshank from Walbridge is the sender of the letter. Letter says that Ferguson was 4th lowest bidder and Walbridge was pressured into giving work to Ferguson. Letter goes on to say that WPM lost work as a result. Text on October 1st 2003 Ferguson: FYI if gary torgo calls about me not calling him back it’s because of him not paying feel for the parking garage. Torgo is real estate developer. Amru Meah, was DBA director.

Mayor: Cool. How much does he owe?

Ferguson: It’s his team. They are disputing $57,000 for work we covered on Mack and Woodward. Typical white folk shit. When we talk I tell what Walbridge’s people are trying ant shit change I just (expletive) with some power thou. lol!

Beeckman says that the government removed what Ferguson actually said. Mayor: TRUE! And we are done for today. Judge says that tomorrow and Friday we will be ending at noon.

1:05PM Court resumes tomorrow at 9AM.

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