9:43AM US Attorney Michael Bullotta.

New witness is James Rosendall.

9:44AM US Attorney Michael Bullotta to question.

James Rosendall Jr. on the stand.

Currently does solid waste disposal, garbage and trash collection and compost. Works with his brother at Waste Control of Grand Rapids now. Was with Synagro in 1999.

Synagro was a residual management company primarily handling municipal waste. Byproduct made from sludges.

Synagro would further process waste for land application, fertilizer and incineration where they would burn the material.

Pelletization where they would make fertilizer pellets.

Rosendall says they started Natural Resource Recovery in 1989. Did the same things as Syngaro. Sold the company and took all stock. In June 2008, Synagro was VP of business development for Synagro and worked on larger projects. Confirms that it was primarily sales.

Did business in Gary, Indiana and Grand Rapids. In 2001, Rosendall met with Kwame when he was a state rep. They met at his office and went to the "old green house" behind the state Capitol building.

They walked there. Rosendall says he met with him because he was running for mayor and Synagro was interested in a contract with the city of Detroit so he was relaying that to Kwame. Witness says he felt Kwame stood good chance.

Minergy contract would take sewage and turn it into a glass aggregate to be used in roadbed surfaces. Minergy was a company similar to Synagro. But would take sludge for building purposes.

Minergy couldn't fulfill the contract because of the costs- it was not economically viable.

The contract was executed but not is process. Rosendall says they were trying to buy the contract from Minergy but need some technology changes to it. Also needed longer term on contract for financing purposes. Witness says he talked to Kwame about the existence of that contract and changes that they needed should he become mayor.

Rosendall says Jim Sype who worked for Kwame was at the meeting as well.

Rosendall says he thinks he provided 3 packs, one was from himself and 2 were from others that he had contacted to support Kwame. Rosendall believes they totaled $3,400 each. Rosendall says Kwame was receptive and basically if he got to be mayor they would talk. In 2002, Kwame was mayor, and there was a meeting at the Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. Kwame, Miller and Syper were there. It was in a hotel room. Rosendall says he coordinated that. The purpose was to discuss Minergy. Witness says it was small conversation with mayor and that Kwame handed him off to Miller. Rosendall later met with Miller a few times.

In September 12-14th 2003, Rosendall went to Las Vegas. Says there was a boxing match. La Hoya versus Moseley. Sype, Ruth Carter, Miller, Kwame and EPU Mike Martin on the trip. Synagro flew then on its private jet. Mike Tardiff was a political liaison for Kilpatrick. Tardiff was at the airport on that day but did not go on the trip to Vegas. When the mayor arrived, he decided the jet wasn't big enough and asked Tardiff to stay back. More juror questions.

Jurors definitely more interested these days. Kwame alternating between glaring and sighing and shaking his head. Sounds like we are going to be listening to voice mails and a tape of a meeting. We are at 56 exhibits including a recording of a face to face meeting. And then more video. This is bound to be interesting. Bobby leaning in and whispering to Evelyn.

Looking at a check to pay for the charter jet. From Synagro, a corporate check to Rapid Air, the jet company. Jet based operator for $19,993.55. Expensive flight. September 30th 2003.

10:05AM Looking at mayor's calendar for September 12th 2003 "depart from Willow Run airport at 6:30PM" Entry for 7AM says Las Vegas for the 13th.

The next day, arrive Detroit 8PM and leave Vergas at 2PM.

Looking at a receipt for Las Vegas Transportation Inc for September 13th 2003. 10 hours at $40/hour. Total is $475. They used limos in Vegas. Traveled in Vegas style.

Rosendall says he attended La Hoya fight and so did Kwame.

Moving on to winter of 2003-2004.

Social event at Manoogian. Rosendall went with Tardiff.