Witness says he believes it was a fund-raiser to show support for mayor.

Witness says Tardiff introduced him to the mayor. Kwame said there was someone he wanted him to meet. took Rosendall to the basement of the Mansion and introduced him to Bernard. Kwame wanted to make him point person on Minergy contract.

"This is the guy I want you to work with on the Minergy contract," Rosendall says Kwame said to him.

Rosendall says he calls Bernard "BK".

Rosendall says he understood that Bernard was to be pointperson on the Minergy contract.

Witness says he had heard the rumor. Defense objects to hearsay. Judge says can't say rumor. Bullotta says it's not for the truth but state of mind. Bullotta asks for sidebar. Lawyers head over to the bench. Defendants' talk very animatedly. Sidebar disbands. Rosendall says he heard things in Grand Rapids from different individuals. Says he heard these things within a 6 month period of meeting in Manoogian.  John Shea, Bernard's lawyer objects. Judge notes his objections and tells jurors this is not for truth of it.

"There was a pay to play thing going on in the city of Detroit," says Rosendall. Witness says to do business in Detroit you had to work with certain people and pay them. Rosendall says he heard there was going to be a person that he would have to work with. Rosendall believed he would have to pay Bernard to get the contract and have it changed. Witness had a consultant at that time, Muchmore Harrington and Smalley. They were located in Lansing but had contacts in Detroit.

Rosendall says he had small talk with Bernard at Manoogian. Bernard said he had someone who could help him. Judge asks Rosendall to back off from the microphone so that he stops popping.

Witness says Bernard told him he had to hire someone else additionally because Bernard was too close to the mayor. Seems a juror may have exited to take a bathroom break.

10:20AM Everyone has just risen in the courtroom.

Something has happened possibly with the juror who left the room. Rosendall is taken off the stand.

It sounds like they are evaluating if the juror can return.

We had been saying for a while now how amazing it is that not a single juror has gotten sick enough to stop courtroom action over all these months.

Guess we are taking our 20 minute break now.

10:48AM Two jurors are apparently not feeling well. Including a male juror from the third row who is apparently dizzy and eating potato chips and another who keeps running to the bathroom. But the jurors are filtering in and it looks like we are continuing so everyone must have come back in.

Judge tells jurors to let her know if they are going to be sick.

Bullotta continues with direct.

Rosendall says that the other consultant Bernard suggested was Rayford Jackson. Witness didn't know him. Jackson did several things, bought and sold homes and other deals. Witness says they needed to modify and take over the Minergy contract. Rosendall says that the deal was contingent on getting their needed changes approved by the city. In November 2007, the contract is approved in the city.

Rosendall says on different occasions Bernard asked him for money. Looking at a personal check form the account of Rosendall and his wife Carol dated February 13 2006 to Bernard Kilpatrick.

It is slashed Maestro but not witness handwriting. It is for $5,000. Memo lines for consulting. "He was leaning on me for a loan," says Rosendall of "BK".

Rosendall says Bernard was not really providing consulting work but he was still leaning on him to get paid.

Rosendall says he paid him so that the contract wouldn't get interrupted. Rosendall says he didn't want to get into a big explanation of what he was paying $5,000 for from their joint account. Another check for $5,000 from Rosendall's personal account dated August 18th 2006. Written to Bernard Kilpatrick. Memo line reads "loan".

Rosendall says once again Bernard was pressuring him for money.

Rosendall says he was hoping it was a loan but he was never paid back. Witness says again he paid so he wouldn't get tripped up on the contract.

The contract was for $1.1 billion in revenues over 25 year period says the witness. Rosendall says that in addition to the 2 checks, he provided Bernard with cash. Between 2004 and 2007, there were a couple of occasions.