Passing out transcripts to juror of the hour long meeting. Sounds like a very noisy environment. Having a hard time making things out but I do hear Bernard. "Looks like there will be 2 separate agreements," says Rosendall. Bernard laughs.

Rosendall says the agreements are what he was talking about.

"So I mean I can't tell them you're involved," Rosendall had said in recording.

Rosendall says he couldn't tell Synagro because they were uncomfortable paying someone so close to the mayor. More recording. Really hard to make this out with all the restaurant background noise. "If all we do is keep our noses clean," apparently says Rosendall. "45, 45, 10," says someone.

They are discussing the breakdown of payments.

"Forgot what you were going to do, 40, 40, 20?” asked Bernard. Rosendall then says 45, 45, and 10. Rosendall says he was going to break it down like that. He was going to break it down 45% for Jackson and 55% for Olumba so that Bernard's name would not appear on the contract.

So, basically Olumba would take her 10% and pass the rest on to Bernard without him being named. He paid them between $7 and $9 million at different periods.

11:30AM More recording played.

Olumba now speaking as well.

Rosendall saying something about monthly and progress payments and a lump sum when the construction piece and another lump sum when facility is up and running and so on. Rosendall says in that portion there were discussing timing of payments.

Monthly payments made for a "success" fee.

There was an agreement produced by Synagro that went to Rayford Jackson but did not list Olumba. So they wanted to modify the agreement to list Olumba.

They discussed $125,000 success fee that was supposed to be paid shortly after City Council approval.

Rosendall says he believes it was $25,000 a month. There were also "milestone" payments for several hundred thousand dollars. Bernard's lawyer John Shea objects. Rosendall says that in total $7 to $8 million was paid to Jackson who then shared it with the others.

More recording. I can hear Bernard and Olumba as they finish the conversation and get ready to leave.

Bullotta asks Rosendall if he hears when Bernard references when he sat down with Ed McNamara and Mike Duggan in the taped recording. Rosendall says he does.

Shea objects again and the lawyers head to sidebar.

Rosendall says he was talking about the past.

"We sat down with McNamara, Duggan and this and we carved out this. We know this is borderline illegal.....The county was a different animal....."

Bullotta reads what Bernard is saying in the meeting.

Rosendall says that Bernard was saying that they were carving out deals with the county at the time that was similar to what they were carving out with Synagro. Rosendall says Olumba did no work on the Synagro deal and her role was to cover for Bernard.

December 20th 2007 voicemail recording.

Rosendall still doesn't know at this point that the FBI are listening into his conversations.

Transcripts being passed to the jurors.

Rosendall is on vacation til January 7th.