"I said I'd go and listen but didn't know how much talking I'd do," says Rosendall. 

Rosendall says overnight he decided to cooperate with the FBI investigation. 

Rosendall met with his attorney, Bullotta, Beeckman and US Attorney Mark Chutkow. 

Rosendall says he decided to cooperate because it was the right thing to do. 

Rosendall says he would come in weekly to Detroit. 

Rosendall says he arranged to meet at Southern Fires on lower east side in Detroit with Bernard on January 29th 2008. He had a couple of thousand given to him by the FBI and he was wired. Rosendall was going to record payment. 

Listening to a recording of the meeting. "after our conversation in December, and the heated argument outside your office, I kinda went back and regrouped myself... I know you were pissed that day..." says Rosendall. 

Rosendall says he recognizes his voice and Bernard's in the recording. "I can';t have you telling me you'll kill the deal...." says Rosendall in the recording. 

"I want to work things out...." says Rosendall. 

"Like I told you last time....I told you 50/50 but I never knew..." says Rosendall about the split. 

"As far as I know, it's not in writing," says Rosendall about Bernard's agreement with Jackson. 

"It didn't have to go south. My original agreement was with you. A man to man word," says Bernard in the recording. Bernard was referring to agreement with Rosendall. 

"I want you to deal with Ray," says Rosendall on the recording. 

"Get with him and let him work through all that," responds Bernard on the recording. 

"If peole put me in a position where I don't have any options, I go to the the options I have," says Bernard. Rosendall says that is a reference to killing the deal. 

Bernard says: "I'll walk away but I'll blow up the house...." Bernard also says something about if someone takes my TV, I'll blow up the house and my tv too so that no one gets the tv or anything else. Rosendall says that if he didn't get the agreement, he was going to blow up the deal. 

"I'm trying to pacify this thing but I have Rayford on one side pushing and you on the other side...." says Rosendall. 

Listening to the recording. So hard to make anything out with the song "Rescue Me" blaring in the background. 

"Y'all get uspet when I get mad. That's the bottom line," says Bernard. 

Bernard talks about getting 5 people and you go get them. Rosendall says Bernard is talking about 5 people in City Council. Including Joanne Watson and Kwame Kenyatta. 

"Barbara rose could be bought. no question about it." says Bernard. Barbara Rose also on City Council. 

Bernard also talks about Monica playing both sides of the game. That's Monica Conyers.

Bernard was saying that Synagro had paid money to neighborhood groups they didn't need to spend money on. Rosendall says that Bernard was critiquing what Synagro had done. 

12:40PM "You want a check or you want cash," asks Rosendall. 

"2500" says Rosendall. "I mean I told you I'd bring it," says Rosendall.