Rosendall says that at this point he offered Bernard $2,500 in cash that the FBI gave him. Rosendall took it and folded it in half and handed it to Bernard on the side. But Bernard wouldn't take it and said he wanted a check. 

Olumba was also there and said "Ill take a check if you make it out to Black Onyx." Rosendall says that the money would go to her and ultimately BK. 

Rosendall told them it was money coming from him and not from Synagro to appease the situation. 

"Damn, let me call my man," says Bernard as he makes a call. 

"Looks like the next lump sum payment due is what $500,000? For what financing?," says Rosendall. This is the milestone payments Rosendall testified to earlier. 

$24,000 a month plus $18,000 a quarter to be paid says Rosendall. Rosendall is calculating payment amounts on contracts- about $330,000 anually. It was to be split between Olumba, Jackson and Bernard. Up to this point, Rosendall says Bernard had not done anything. 

Rosendall says Bernard wouldn't take the cash.  

Now we are moving to March 5th 2008 when Rosendall met with Bernard outside the condo complex Bernard lived in at the time. Rosendall says they met outside in the cold to make a payment. They met twice that day. There is video of the day but no transcripts. 

Looking at shot outside the condo building where BK lived. Bernard wearing a King Tut sweatshirt.  

Some Bernard comments:

"So I'll call my man. Then I'll call you. when are you going back down there," says Bernard in the video. 

 "I was pissed about it the other day," says Bernard in reference to the $2,500 Rosendall tried to pass him at the restaurant. 

"I don't know why you do shit like that...You know I don't want anybody seeing me taking money." 

"What I'm scared about is that they were sweating somebody." Ironically he is talking to the very person who is being "sweated." 

"Most people will not go under the bus for you." 

"I mean we're in a restaurant and you don't know if there are cameras in here." Were they ever. 

Bernard had also talked about the 2500 in the restaurant and how Rosendall tried to hand it to him in the restaurant. 

"I have 3 people that I trust in the city," says Bernard. Rosendall says that Bernard didn't trust a lot of people. 

Rosendall saying that he talked to "Meah", Amru Meah, about the permits. 

Rosendall saying he is happy Bernard worked out his differences with Jackson. 

"If it started, he should be giving me 5 a month," says Bernard about the $10,000 that Jackson is supposedly receiving. 

At one point Bernard holds up his hand and shows 5 fingers. "Why don't you do that man?" says Bernard. Rosendall says that he took that to mean $5,000 is what Bernard should.  

1:00PM Bullotta has another recording from later that day when Rosendall brought cash back from Bernard. The prosecutor says it's alright to stop here. 

Judge adjourns court and we resume tomorrow at 9AM for an abbreviated session that runs until noon.

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