Discussing quadrant meeting- meetings between senate minority and senate majority leaders and the Governor. Miller agrees that they had budget meetings relating to the budget.

Miller says he occasionally attended those meetings. Talking about Mary Lannoye, an earlier witness at the trial, who was director of the State Budget Office.

Thomas says Kilpatrick obviously concerned with Vangurad and Detroit 3D grants. Yes says Miller.

Miller says he doesn't recall when the Detroit 3D and Vanguard grants were awarded. Thomas hands the witness documents to refresh his memory.

Looking at fax from Kelly Bartlett regarding 3D on June 30th 2000.

"Ask me a question I can give an answet to," says Miller about Thomas's questions about 3D and Vanguard.

Miller says he first became aware of the 3D and Vanguard requests in 2001. Miller says that before that, he worked "with" Kilpatrick and not "for" him.

So Thomas says before that, in 2000, you didn't know about the grants or what Mrs. Kilpatrick was going to be a sub-contract. Correct says Miller.

Thomas asks is that why you hesitated in direct testimony when asked about Mrs. Kilpatrick being a sub-contractor for the grants.

"I didn't hesitate," says Miller.

Miller says the fax cover sheet from Kelly Bartlett we are looking at now is different from what we testified to.

Thomas asks if he remembers June 30th 2000.

"Do I remember June 30th 2000? Nope," says a smirking Miller.

Miller says he is not aware of the state of Michigan asking for any money back from 3D or Vanguard.

Miller agrees that the Kelly Bartlett letter had nothing to do with Carlita Kilpatrick being a sub-contractor for Vanguard.

Thomas says Carlita's name came up and Kwame expressed to Miller he didn't know why. Yes says witness.

Thomas says publicity about one's wife is something that would be avoided. Miller's wife worked with Next Vision.

11:15AM Talking about the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Miller worked on the Civic Fund with other Kilpatrick friends or family members.

Bernard was not on it but Christine Beatty was.

Talking about William Phillips, who Thomas describes as Miller's friend, being involved with the Civic Fund.

Looking at an internal IRS document from July 8th 1999. This is application for tax exempt status for the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. It is signed by Christine Beatty.

Miller says a 501c4 is a non-profit corporation that can accept donations and make charitable donations within specific guidelines.

Miller says he supposes it could be a social welfare organization.

Looking at the articles of incorporation:

1. Promote community activities that enhance the neighborhoods