2. To provide information to the citizens of Detroit about legislative issues affecting their lives.


3. Participate in activities that contribute to the redevelopment of the positive image of the city of Detroit.

Thomas showing the incumbency certificate of who participated: Kwame Kilpatrick, Chairman, Derrick miller, Vice-chairman, Erik Rayford, Christine Beatty and Ayanna Kilpatrick. Certificate dated June 1st 1999.

So based on that, says Thomas, you were affiliated with the Kilpatrick Civic Fund as of June 1st 1999.

Thomas says that he was shown this under direct and that he had said that the Civic Fund was prohibited from donating to political causes. Miller says not candidate-specific.

Thomas says that doesn't mean they can't be involved in political activity as far as the law is concerned. Thomas says the law doesn't prohibit getting into political purposes as long as it is not candidate-specific.

Miller questioning definition of political purposes.

The get out and vote campaign says Thomas as an example of something political but not candidate-specific.

Thomas asking if Miller is aware of the articles of incorporation being changed at some point.

Thomas asking about reasons why Miller might have pre-signed Civic Fund checks.

Talking about political consultant Bob Berg who was engaged in working on the controversy surrounding Jon Rutherford and the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Thomas asking if Bob Berg worked on the Civic Fund.

Miller hesitates about whether he was working with the Civic Fund at the time the Rutherford scandal occurred. miller doesn't remember if Berg was working for the Civic Fund or the campaign at that time.

11:35AM Thomas says when the issue arose, it had to do with both the Civic Fund and the campaign. Thomas says that you can't say what Berg did relating to either the campaign or the Civic Fund.

All this back and forth has to do with the fact that Berg was paid out of the Civic Fund for his work on helping countering the media firestorm surrounding the scandal.

Going back the purposes of the articles of incorporation.

(D)"To operate and act exclusively for charitable and educational purposes."

The article goes on to say that "the corporation shall not participation in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf or against any candidate."

Thomas says that the articles of incorporation were restated on July 26th 2001. Thomas shows a document signed by Miller for the restated articles.

Miller says he remembers being asked to sign that document. Doesn't know if he was a check signer at that time.

Thomas says these articles were changed around the time that Kwame was running for mayor.

The prohibition of getting involved in political activities from the first set of articles has been removed.

New articles talk about:

(b)Provide information to Michigan residents about legislative issues affecting their lives.