(c) Educate Detroit residents on the importance of voting.

Thomas says so can get involved as long as it's not candidate-specific.

Mark Chutkow asks for sidebar.

11:50AM Thomas brings up the Lake Snell Perry invoice from July 17th 2001. Thomas says this is around the same time of the restated articles of incorporation. Total is $18,750. This is for 75% of $25,000 for 4 focus groups.

Looking at the check from Civic Fund to Lake Snell Perry. It's for $14,000 dated on July 30th 2001, 4 days after the articles were changed. The memo line reads focus groups.

Thomas says this is an allocation that has been deemed appropriate after the articles of incorporation have been changed.

 "I don't know," says Miller.

Thomas says that the articles of incorporation allow for non-candidate specific work to be done.

Chutkow objects this is misleading. Judge sustains.

Thomas says that Kilpatrick as a person wouldn't he be figurehead of Civic Fund. Yes says Miller.

So his presence in the media, giving lectures throughout the state would be important for him and the Civic Fund. Yes agrees Miller.

In April 2001, Thomas says Kilpatrick had not yet announced he was running for mayor.

Miller says that he announced he was running for mayor of the city in April 2001 from his mother's porch.

Thomas asks if he remembers Kilpatrick exploring being Lt-Governor. Miller says he traveled throughout the state with Kwame regarding legislative issues. Miller acknowledges that Kwame was considering running for Lt-Governor and that the focus changed when he began to consider running for the mayor of Detroit.

Thomas says there may be overlap between polling information gathered, purposes of the Civic Fund and Kwame running for mayor.

Miller says that the Civic Fund polling was done for running for mayor.

Judge says it's inappropriate for Thomas to keep pointing out increments of time it takes for Miller to respond or his hesitating before answering.

"I'll save it for arguments," says Thomas.

12:05PM Judge calls for 5 minute break.

12:15PM Thomas moves on to new chapter. Talking about Jon Rutherford.


Thomas saying Jon Rutherford never got a casino deal. Miller says that not that he is aware.


Thomas says that even Coleman Young wanted casinos in Detroit than Mayor Archer came into office and said he would fight against casinos.