Miller says he talked to Curtis Hertel of Port Authority about needed expansion of Cobo. Thomas says that it was at this point that there was discussion about slots at Cobo. Miller says there was never discussion of slots at Cobo. Thomas says Rutherford never got passed square one on that issue. Miller agrees. Thomas moving to new area. Talking about Rutherford and the Free Press Civic Fund article. Doesn't sound like a new area to me. This is the article that exposed that Rutherford's homeless shelter gave $50,000 to the Civic Fund on August 29th 2001. This story triggered the IRS investigation that spanned the federal probe into Kilpatrick. Looking at check from DPR Management, Rutherford's company, to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund on July 2nd 2001 $30,000. Article wasn't until August 29th. Looks like the check was deposited July 10th 2001. Miller agrees that he said in direct testimony that he, Kilpatrick and other leadership members felt that they didn't have to disclose donors or money to the Civic Fund. Miller appears to change his mind and says "Wait a minute now I remember." Miller says now they did disclose the donors before August 29th. Someone at the Civic Fund accidentally filed it with the Secretary of State. 12:50PM Chutkow asks for a sidebar. Don't know what happened at sidebar but we are done for the day. Back tomorrow at 9AM.

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