A 42-year-old Michigan man was formally charged Friday in connection with the case of a suspicious metal box that was destroyed last week by the Detroit police bomb squad after being found at a federal office building downtown.

The FBI said Kingsford resident Gary John Mikulich is facing one count of maliciously attempting to destroy property owned by the U.S. government after being arrested at his house Thursday morning.

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The bomb squad was called last Friday to the McNamara Federal Building, which houses offices for the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration and others. The suspicious metal box was removed and detonated on Belle Isle.

The exploded materials included pieces of PVC pipe, a timer and black electrical tape.

The FBI said Mikulich and his white Oldsmobile matched the description of an individual who purchased a Husky brand tool bag and GE timer that were used in the commission of the crime at an Iron Mountain Home Depot on Feb. 14.

Agents said they determined that since last October, only nine people in the U.S. had bought both products at the same time. And only one person paid cash, which was at the Iron Mountain store. They said store surveillance video showed the customer driving away in a white Oldsmobile.

The same Oldsmobile, which belongs to Mikulich, was also spotted in Livingston County on the morning of Feb. 25, the FBI said.

David Wright, president of American Federation of Government Employees Local 918, said that a contract security officer apparently set the metal box aside three weeks before its discovery without telling authorities. The union represents Federal Protective Service employees.

Wright says the box should have been immediately evaluated.

Mikulich is an engineering graduate from Michigan Technological University.

The FBI said he has a history of making complaints against the organization, specifically to the Detroit bureau, about the organization's "card system." They said he claims the FBI's system is responsible for his father's murder and the murder of thousands of other people.

A Feb. 11 fax read: "This card system is going berserk for some reason. They are making threates of hitting the local police, sheriff's office, and state police. They are threatening to murder me too."

Mikulich referred to himself as "President Mikulich" and the "nominated president of the United States of America," the FBI said.

Mikulich appeared in a federal court in Marquette for his arraignment on Friday. The court recommended he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

In a statement, Mikulich's family said he has a history of mental illness and is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.