A New Zealand woman isn't likely to forget this Valentine's Day -- but for all the wrong reasons.

Despite a storm of controversy, a national radio station called The Rock said it plans to proceed with a stunt on Tuesday in which a man will tell his unsuspecting wife that he wants a divorce, the New Zealand Herald reported.

The man, identified only as a 31-year-old named Sam, is the winner of The Rock's "Win a Divorce" contest.

In exchange for the on-air divorce announcement, the radio station said it will pay for the couple's divorce, provided there are no children involved, the Herald reported.

Not surprisingly, the plan has met with a storm of criticism from lawmakers and family advocacy groups.

"The Rock is cheapening a serious issue and, in the process, are willing to inflict emotional harm on an unsuspecting spouse for the sake of ratings. How low will they go?" Bob McCoskrie, director of conservative advocacy group Family First, told the Herald.

Station manager Brad King dismissed the complaint and said the call would go ahead as scheduled.