It's not something you want to hear at the airport.

On Wednesday a man tried boarding his flight back home to Brazil, but never made it on the plane—and neither did his snakes, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers, who say x-ray machines at the Orlando International Airport spotted the reptiles in the man's two checked bags.

When agents opened the luggage, they found 27 individually wrapped snakes hidden inside two speakers.

"Who would go through the process to think of all that?" said Brittany Webb, an Alabama resident who flew into OIA Thursday night. "I guess he really wanted his snakes."

The man told officers he had purchased the snakes at the Reptile Breeders' Expo in Daytona this past weekend and was trying to get them back to Brazil.

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Officers have not confirmed the man's identity, but thesmokinggun.com says it's Mateus Dal Maso, 27.

Local 6 did find a man with that name in the Orange County Jail records being held by order of the U.S. Marshals.

Webb says the only place she wants to see snakes on a plane is the movies.

"I hope the next plane I'm on doesn't have snakes," she said.

Officials have not released the kind of snakes they recovered, but venomous snakes were not permitted at the Reptile Breeders' Expo.