Jurors have found Ihab Maslamani guilty on 18 charges, including the first-degree murder of Matthew Landry.


Landry's family gasped as the jury declared Maslamani guilty on each count.

Maslamani was found guilty in a Harrison Township bank robbery, kidnapping a woman inside of the bank at gunpoint, the carjacking of a man outside of Walmart and the kidnapping and murder of Landry.

Applause was heard in the courtroom after the verdict was read.

"We're glad it's over, we're glad it's, it's a huge relief," said Doreen Landry, Landry's mother.

The victim in the bank robbery case, Sarah Maynard, said she was anxiously awaiting the verdict.

"I thought it would be closure to see the verdict in the case. My parents have been taking off work and my grandparents have been here all week to sit with me," said Sarah Maynard.

Maynard had said she hoped Maslamani was convicted of murder.

The case was turned over to the jury Thursday evening and jurors began deliberating at 9 a.m. Friday, taking a break for lunch.

Local 4 has learned the jury asked for clarification on jury instruction on the murder charge and have reviewed audio tapes.

Maslamani was charged on 18 charges in a three-day crime spree that began Aug. 9, 2009, with the abduction and killing of Landry, prosecutors said.

He is also accused of robbing a Flagstar Bank in Harrison Township on Aug. 10, 2009, before he was arrested during a botched carjacking attempt at a Walmart in Roseville the next day.

Landry's body was found in a vacant burned-out house in Detroit on Aug. 13, 2009.

His attorney, Joseph Kosmala, said Maslamani, 18, doesn't really understand the gravity of the situation.

"He doesn?t get it. He's a child, this is cowboys and Indians to him. He kept asking if we were doing good and weather he could have some candy," said Kosmala.

Maslamani, 18, was expected to take the stand Thursday but waived his right, which sent the trial into closing arguments.

Assistant Macomb County Prosecutor William Cataldo began his closing arguments with meticulous details about the charges against Maslamani.

"He tried to pull a gun on the police. It was at that time he took a beating. He deserved it," said Cataldo. "I hope that's not nearly close to the beating he's going to take from you. After I finish my closing argument and I have shown you that I have proven every element of every charge, you come back and say guilty 18 times."

The defense also presented its closing arguments Thursday afternoon.

Kosmala argued that Maslamani is not a murderer. He said Landry was in the company of his client willingly.

"Folks there are no evidence. No. Not circumstantial, not direct, no evidence this man killed anybody. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. There is no gun. There is no eyewitness. There is no particularly good ballistic evidence," said Kosmala.

Kosmala said he believes his client will spend time in jail for the other crimes he is accused of committing, but not for Landry's murder.

"He has always said I did bad things and I did other things but 'I did not kill that boy.' He has said several times, 'I did not kill that boy' and he looked me straight in the eye. Do I believe it? I don't know that's for a jury to decide," said Kosmala Friday.

During the trial, the defense only presented one witness, Eastpointe Police Office Joseph Madonia.