Madonia took a statement from Lawrence Watta, who said he witnessed Maslamani and his cohort, Robert Taylor, 17, abduct Landry outside Quiznos restaurant on Gratiot Avenue near 10 Mile Road.

Taylor is facing six charges.

Madonia said Watta was in an excited state while filing the police report. Under cross-examination, when Cataldo asked Madonia if people can get information wrong when they are excited, the officer said, "yes."

Kosmala said during opening arguments that Maslamani committed the bank robbery and carjacking, but he continued to say that he did not kill Landry.

In closing arguments Thursday, the prosecution said Landry did not go willingly with the defendant.

"There is no drug deal here. Mr. Matthew Landry was in the wrong place at the wrong time when those two decided to carjack him, and kidnap and hold him hostage and that is exactly what they did for hours," said Cataldo.

The jury began deliberating Thursday, nine days after opening statements were heard.

Review Testimony In Landry Case

Sept. 22:

One of the first witnesses to testify in the case against Maslamani last week was Maynard. She said she was cashing her first paycheck at a Harrison Township bank when it was robbed.

"He was pressing the gun against my head," said Maynard. "He said, he came towards me and told me, he said, ?Come with me or I'm going to kill you."

Sept. 23:

Jurors heard from Roseville police Officer Andrew Berger about the moments before Maslamani was captured after a carjacking in a Walmart parking lot.

He was one of the officers who testified how they moved in on Maslamani. They said he discarded items during a foot chase, including a gun, that the prosecution worked to link to a carjacking and other criminal charges against Maslamani.

"After he started to flee he discarded a large puffy black wig," said Berger. ?Did you find any rounds in the chamber?? said Cataldo. ?I did,? said Berger.

?And what type of rounds did you find?? said Cataldo.

?There was a Smith & Wesson .40-caliber hollow point in the chamber of the gun,? said Berger.

Jurors have also watched a video of police interrogating Maslamani.

Sept. 24 Jurors in a Macomb County courtroom wiped away tears as Landry's mother, Doreen Landry, took the stand.

Doreen Landry gave details of the snippets of information that emerged in the days leading up to police linking Landry's disappearance and Maslamani's crime spree.

Doreen Landry said the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place when suspicious ATM transactions were made on her son's ATM card at a gas station on Seven Mile Road in Detroit.

Doreen Landry said she was tracking her son's credit card activity online while he was missing.

"I kept looking at Matt's account hoping God, Matt, use your debit card someplace so I can find you," she said before breaking down.

The family did not report Landry missing until the following day. In the hours that followed, the family was visited by Chesterfield Township police and made trips to police stations in Roseville and Detroit, the cities where Landry was last seen and his bank card was last used.

Maslamani was caught three days after Matthew Landry's disappearance.