"That is correct," Nowicki answered.

Kosmala then questioned Michigan State Police ballistics expert Davie Vroman about matching evidence to Maslamani's gun.

"So essentially of all the items sent you, you were not able to match anything to that handgun?" Kosmala asked.

"That is correct," Vroman answered.

Kosmala was also intense in his questioning of Christopher Manning, a friend of the Landry family who months after the killing returned to the house where Landry's body was found.

He discovered a bullet lodged in the wall with a faint trace of Landry's DNA on it. A judge has ruled that evidence inadmissible.

Kosmala asked Manning when he found evidence that police could not detect.

"Possibly a year later," Manning said.

Kosmala then commented on Manning's answer.

"A year later and lo and behold, the magic bullet," Kosmala said.