Michigan: 4 more infections linked to tainted steroids reported

Infections connected to tainted steroid injections that casued meningitis outbreak

Published On: Dec 23 2012 06:06:48 PM EST
LANSING, Mich. -

The number of abscesses linked to contaminated steroids is continuing to rise in Michigan, with four fresh cases reported in recent days.
   The infections are linked to a national outbreak of disease blamed for 67 fungal meningitis cases and 13 deaths in Michigan.
   The meningitis cases have remained stable in recent weeks, but the number of related non-meningitis infections has continued to grow in the state.
   The Michigan Department of Community Health says there were 142 epidural abscesses linked to the contaminated steroids as of Friday. That's up by four since Wednesday.
   In all, the department reports the contaminated steroids have affected at least 231 people in the state.