Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder reacts to unemployment rate

Snyder: The 'mess in Washington' is holding back economic recovery

Published On: Aug 03 2012 02:00:54 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 03 2012 05:20:35 PM EDT
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -

Michigan's Republican governor said the "mess in Washington" is holding back the nation's recovery, but he doesn't blame any single person for high jobless rates.

Gov. Rick Snyder told The Associated Press in a Friday interview that neither the nation's 8.3 percent unemployment rate for July nor Michigan's 8.6 percent rate for June are "good enough.'

But he also points out that Michigan's rate is down from the 14.4 percent peak it hit in fall 2009.

Snyder said the national rate "really needs to come down."

He said Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican opponent Mitt Romney should spend more time talking about what they want to do "rather than spending time talking about why the other person has issues."

Snyder said the nation's economy needs, "common-sense solutions."