Michigan state police are investigating complaints of cell phone sexting at Parker Middle School in Marion Township. According to police, some students have been sending sexually explicit messages to each other.

Charlene Heiber’s 11-year-old daughter attends the school but she does not have a cell phone.

“My husband works for a cell phone company, and she still doesn’t have one,” Heiber said. “She complains that all her friends do.”

Source told Local 4 News some of the pictures sent were of students in their panties and bras. Detectives plan to start interviewing students Monday.

News of the investigation already has parents on edge.

“I don’t think children should have a phone until they are 16 or over,” said Annett Boscher.

Police said they are taking the investigation seriously and point out that sexting is illegal. If a student is caught, he or she could face criminal charges and may even be labeled a sex offender. “It’s just very scary because (middle school students) all look older and want to be older,” Heibert said.

The principal at Parker Middle School referred all media questions to the school district’s superintendent, who was out of the office and unavailable for comment Friday.