Mary Napoli had a simple mission: make a nice loaf of pumpkin bread.  But her little boys had other plans for her five-pound sack of flour. 

One-year-old Andrew and three-year-old Zachary saw their opportunity while mom was in the bathroom.

"I was in there a little longer than usual because I wasn't feeling very well," she explained to Local 4.  

With the door shut, Mary didn't hear the cabinet door opening, the flour bag ripping open, and the contents being strewn with the ferocity of a blizzard. 

When she emerged, "I could see the flour right away. It took my breath away. They were throwing it in the air," she said.  

The floor looked like someone was rolling out a pie crust.  

Couches, pictures and lampshades were covered.

On the video,  a stunned Mary keeps repeating, "Oh my Gosh!  Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh!" 

She borrowed a shop vac and her mother-in-law for a cleanup that lasted seven hours.

"If you look closely you can still see it. Those little grains get everywhere," she said.  

Her husband Vince, who was at work when it happened, suggested they put the video on YouTube to help relatives see the boys' adventure. 

Mary says the internet response (one million hits as of Tuesday afternoon) has been "overwhelming."

She is hearing of other kids mischief from around the world, including one child who spread Crisco across the kitchen floor.  

Andrew was too young to know better.  Zachary is losing some privileges, but Mary loves her boys too much to be mad at them. 

"Watch your kids. You can do everything, but kids get into stuff," she said.