A Michigan community is trying to make things right after a 16-year-old girl was named to a high school homecoming court as part of an apparent prank.

Whitney Kropp told WNEM-TV she felt betrayed after some of her classmates at West Branch's Ogemaw Heights High School suggested her selection was a joke. 

"I had actually reached a point where I had thought about suicide for how bad this case was in," Whitney said.  "I thought I wasn't worthy at Ogemaw Heights at all."

But once news of this bad joke spread, people worked to make it right.  Whitney started receiving a lot of Facebook support and people called her and told her to stay strong.  Donny Winter, a graduate from Ogemaw Heights, was one of them and said he felt it was important to speak up because he was also bullied.  He made a YouTube video to show his support for the 16-year-old.

The Ogemaw Herald reports that businesses donated a dress, dance admission and Kropp will have her hair done for the dance. 

Principal Duane Lyons told the Herald he is investigating the prank accusations.

Whitney's mother Bernice Kropp says the support has helped make a bad situation right. 

A Support Whitney Kropp Facebook page was created to voice encouragement and anit-bullying messages for the Michigan teen.