She said the boys stayed closed to each other and were quiet.

?They didn?t say anything and she never made eye contact with me. It was just really a weird thing,? Jones said. ?The boy?s didn?t really want to pick out their doughnuts. So, she just said, ?They want glazed.? And I said, ?Glazed? That?s all you guys want? And they just looked at me and didn?t say anything. The little one wanted sprinkles.?

Jones said the woman looked to be in her 40s, looked uneasy and called one of the boys Tanner.

Jones said she didn?t think much of the group until she saw the boys? pictures on a news report and found out one of them was named Tanner.

Weeks said his staff is aware of several leads but is cautioning against jumping to any conclusion.

"We have received many similar leads from throughout our region and continue to collect that information and assess the credibility of each one," Weeks said.

A former Morenci school teacher told police she may have seen the missing brothers from Morenci at a flea market in Ohio.

According to sources, the retired music teacher said she was at a flea market in Bowling Green, Ohio, when she spotted the boys with an unidentified woman.

The retired teacher said she did not approached the boys, but she believes it was Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton, because she once taught one of the boys in her class.