PONTIAC, Mich. -

A now former Oakland County Sheriff's deputy has waived his preliminary examination for his charge under Michigan's new "super drunk" driving law after police said he lead officers on a dangerous chase Jan. 8 through Oxford.

Michael Daves, a 19-year veteran with Pontiac police and now a Sheriff's deputy, led police on, what officers called, an ultra drunk, ultra dangerous chase.

He was arraigned Jan. 11 on a driving while intoxicated charge, a driving with a high blood alcohol charge and a fleeing and eluding police. On Tuesday, Daves waived his preliminary examination and his case will be bouind over to circuit court.

Witnesses called 911 with descriptions of a wild chase.

"I mean, he's all over the road, severely," said a 911 caller.

Listen: 911 call

Daves was driving wildy on the road, police said. He nearly hit other vehicles and a person jogging.

"He almost hit a jogger on M-24," said a 911 caller.

Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh said Daves took off when officers first stopped him and approached his car.

When he finally stopped and was arrested he blew a .25 blood alcohol level, then a .29 and finally a .28. He easily doubled the legal limit of .08. The state's "super drunk" benchmark is .17.

A drunk driving attorney said that number indicates off-the-chart intoxication.

In court, prosecutors learned Daves had an empty bottle of vodka in his car. He has a prior drunk driving conviction from when he was a Pontiac police officer in 2009.

Daves told a judge that he went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting before Thanksgiving.

The judge said Daves needs treatment now.

He was given a $5,000 bail bond. After posting bond, Daves will be allowed to drive. However, he must be alcohol and drug tested before his court appearance next week.

The Sheriff's Office suspended Daves and said it was working on terminating him.

However, Daves resigned Jan. 10 after being given the option of quitting or being fired.